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Video: Kcee, The Limpopo Hitmaker Advises The Youth.


Kcee has beforehand, advises the general public especially those who are very eager and ready to do anything for money in other to celebrate Christmas.

Kingsley Chinweike Okonkwo aka Kcee the Limpopo man stressed on the dangers of trying to live up to the social media pressure. According to him, as far as November is concern, everybody tries to get some money aside for the holidays but that shouldn’t be a reason to do something bad.

He said the the Christmas is not a one time thing, it is there to eternity and if you have something doing as a job or anything that put food on your table, take it more serious during the festive season.

Kcee insist that in this life, there are always new things that’s why people never get satisfied so be content with what you have and continue working for more..

If you believe and ready to keep it calm during the festive season, then share for more people to hear too.


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