Michael Owen Subtly Mocks VAR In Liverpool And Man. City Clash.

Michael Owen has had his take on Manchester City’s penalty claim which the referee overlooked as how it supposed to be without considering what the VAR reveals.

The Liverpool Legendary striker has his seat as an analyst on one TV channel and watched his former side thrashed their closest rival easily in what is supposed to be a more tighter game, though it is too early to rate as a title contender.

The game ended in favour of Liverpool but has a lot of talking points from penalty claims to poor refereeing.

In a post match analysis, Michael Owen claims the VAR [ Video Assistant Referee ] which is supposed to reveal more fishy things to the game officials, has done it job by revealing which is and not a penalty is the game. He claims the VAR cannot accept penalties, that is referee’s job and as the referee refused the penalty, VAR must be left alone.

Great game at Anfield. Brilliant goals, amazing atmosphere and loads of talking points. How the hell do we still get so many people having a pop at VAR? It did the exact job it was designed to do and had absolutely no impact on the game.

Do you remember his hat-trick against the same Manchester City in 2002/3 season?

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