Mecca Orders Arrest Of Saudi Female Rapper.

Saudi Arabia officials and governor orders the arrest of a native female rapper for her song Bint Mecca or Girls from Mecca.

Social media descended on the beautiful rapper as they described the song as insulting to the holiness of the holy city Mecca.

In the song, rapper Asayel Slay raps about her pride in being from Mecca, the home of the holiest site in Islamic Religion, the Kaaba

The video which was uploaded to Asayel’s YouTube Channel has since been ordered to be  taken down after reports , the video features young Islamic girls chanting behind her as the backup singers.

” A Mecca girl is all you need, don’t upset her she will hurt you, Asayel raps – describing how beautiful and strong  Mecca girls or ladies are.

‘ With her , you can complete the Sunna ( get married) , your life with her will be Paradise, she boldly asserted.

‏On Thursday Mecca Regional Authorities released a tweet in the name Prince Khalid Bin Faisal of Mecca  to arrest the rapper

The song attracted reactions from social media with the hashtag #You_are_not_Mecca’s_girl , directed to the rapper Asayel’s African origin.

Whiles some demanded for the deportation of all black women in Mecca – which Asayel belongs – some defended the rapper and the black community thereby condemning racism.

‘ If something needs to be deported , its your racism, your arrogance and your deep reverence for yourselves, – twitter user challenges.


The rapper is young and has realised her mistake, as Mecca is a holy place and has revered status,” Twitter user Nouf al-Qahtani said. “But don’t let your comments fall to racist levels … racism is a big disease in society.”