Lady Cries Bitterly For Love, Says She’s Tired Of Watching P 0 r n.

One devastating stage of human life is when you start to feel like no one loves you. Thereby trying satisfy yourself with adult contents.

Another could be when you think you finally found love only to find his/her adult content circulating online. Or you found out that he/ she feeds on these contents online more than  feeding on you. Now imagine not having love (  a lover )  at all and all you got is to become a regular customer on these portals with adult contents.

This has several repercussions on relationship in different ways all leading to one and only sour love life.

Feeding your eyes and mind with these contents can affect your mental, emotional and psychological life and the more addiction increases for these, the more stressful, mentally unhealthy you become – a reason you find love or discipline your mind and feelings.

This was the case of a lady in circulating video purported to be a Nigerian begging for love as she confessed being too addicted to adult contents portals. Something she opts to give up and accept a man into her life. Watch the video below.

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