Video: This Woman Prevents Police From Arresting Pastor Who Raped Her Two Daughters

According to a trending video in Nigeria, a mother of two stood between the police and a pastor who continuously raped her two underage daughters from being arrested.

This is very rare. No mother will stay quiet knowing well that her daughter(s) has been abused by someone right under her roof.

The woman from a vivid understanding in the video chose the welfare of the pastor, a wicked one as such over obtaining justice for her two defiled underage children.


The pastor is known as Nduka Anyawu, 28 years of age and a minister with the Lord’s Chosen Church, Canaan Land branch, Oshodi in Nigeria.

The pastor allegedly has been raping the woman’s daughters since they were age 9 and 13. Now they are 15 and 19 years respectively.

Nduka Anyawu even managed to impregnate both girls and it only took the intervention of an NGO in Nigeria to bring him to justice.

According to reports,  the pastor had promised to marry the elder daughter and wanted the younger one to get an abortion since she’s too young to carry a baby.

The wicked pastor under the pretence that they(the 2 girls) have some demonic marks and had to pray for them but used that opportunity to be raping them.

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