How To Withdraw MOMO Without Ghana Card

Withdraw MOMO without Ghana card – The Ghana card has been passed as the only means of withdrawing money from your e-wallet in what they termed as an effort to curb online fraud through Mobile Mobile Money in Ghana. Sadly, not everyone has been able to get their hands on the Ghana card – at least not yet.

So with your money locked in your e-wallet as someone with no Ghana card, how do you withdraw MOMO without a Ghana card? In this article, I talked about some tricks you can use to cash out with ease.

Nevertheless, this article is not condoning your reluctance in going for your Ghana card. This is just the beginning of kicking out the usage of other identity cards from the system.  The earlier you go for it te better. Now let us get to the how-to withdraw your MOMO without a Ghana card

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Other Means To Withdraw Money From MOMO Without Ghana Card.

I have 3 hacks or tricks you can use to withdraw MOMO without Ghana card: Firstly, send the money to a friend or anyone who has a Ghana card or withdraw the money at any ATM point or send it to the merchant and finally, use can use other  Let us look at the points in detail.

1. Send The Money To Anyone With Ghana Card

This is logically the simplest way to beat this Ghana card situation if you are yet to have yours. However, you will have to pay for your transaction to the friend and then also, pay for the e-levy charge when he is going to cash it out for you – double charge. Interestingly but not advisable, you can avoid the double charge by keeping your transaction below the threshold until you are done.

What that means is that you will keep sending Ghc99 every day to your ‘Ghana card friend’  until you are done sending the total amount you want to withdraw. Then you will have to pay for only the withdrawals. But if you are in urgent need, be ready with the double pay.

Better still, your friend can give you his personal cash rather than going to the merchant for you. That will demand mutual consent.

2. Send The Money To The Merchant

Another way to withdraw MOMO without Ghana card is by sending the money to the merchant. One thing about this means is that most merchants refuse to give out their merchant numbers. But those who have the business at heart will find a way to help you out.

This is how l used to do it during my days of being a MOMO agent. I had two merchant numbers, so l give out the less busy one which has no cash on it to customers to forward their e-cash onto it, then l give them fiscal cash, afterwards, I do the required transfers to keep my main merchant number private.

Don’t forget to add your e-levy charges or the merchant will do the mathematics and give you the balance.

3. Withdraw Your MOMO Via ATM Machine

Locate a bank whose Automated Teller Machine [ ATM ] supports MOMO. At the time of this article,  Vodafone Cash users can use the ATM cashout feature at ECOBANK and BARCLAYS BANKS only.

To withdraw money via MTN with Vodafone Cash, follow the steps below:

Dial *110#

Select option 2 ‘ Withdraw Cash’

Select option 2 ‘From ATM’

Now, a 6 digits code will be generated and sent to you via SMS. You are to use it to withdraw your cash through the ATM. Note this code expires in 10 mins.

Now on the ATM machine select Cardless Cashout.

Enter your 6 digits code that was sent to you via SMS.

Enter your phone number.

Enter the amount you want to withdraw and wait patiently for your cash.

Note: the least denomination to get from ATM is Ghc10. So it will be good to enter your money 10s.

To withdraw money via MTN with MTN Mobile Money, follow the steps below:

At the time of this article, you can withdraw money via ATM machines with MTN at the following banks; Access Bank, Zenith Bank, EcoBank, and Fidelity Bank.

Dial *170#

Select option 5 ‘Financial Services’

Select option 1 ‘ Bank Services’

Choose option 3 ‘ATM Cashout’

Choose option 1 to generate a code.

Now proceed to the AT machine by choosing Cardless Transactions

Select MTN Mobile Money

Enter the generated code that was sent to you via SMS

Input your 4-digit PIN

Enter an amount between 5ghc to 400ghc

Finally, authorize the transaction with your 4-digit PIN for the last time.

And these are the ways to withdraw MOMO without Ghana card.

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