How To Register For Your Ghana Card Online.

You can register for a Ghana card online if you missed out on the mass registration done in 2019.

The Ghana card online registration helps to in fastening the process of getting your card before it becomes a necessity you must buy without having to queue at any Nia office

Ghana card is an identification card being offered to Ghanaians by birth, naturalisation, registration or long term foreign residents in the country and Ghanaians living abroad and refusal to partake and have their name registered may have you curtailed from accessing a whole lot of economic, social and political rights.

Ghana card has been over for about 2 years now but there is still a vacancy for qualified Ghanaians above 15 years to register and recognised Ghanaians when the need arises. Though one can visit the NIA office at Shiashi and get registered, I present to you the online means that will save you more time and stress.


These requirements are general, whether online registration or in-person registration at any of the offices. You must have the following information and details with you before starting the process.

  • Parent, partner and next of kin information. Beset with your address, names and nationality [ that is if you are not a Ghanaian but staying in the country for long. ] This include parental information and, address, date of birth and place of birth.
  • Name, date of birth, place of birth, residential address code and digital address code
  • Biometrics, including your fingerprints, iris and photograph. The NIA will take this data at the registration centre.
  • primary verification particulars: This includes your birth certificate, valid passport and certificate of acquired citizenship [non-Ghanaians]


In compliance with the protocol with the COVID-19 to reduce its rate of spreading and the numbers, NIA launched the portal online where elite Ghanaians can help themselves and the workers at various offices from making a breeding ground for coronavirus by registering themselves. With this, you are left with visiting any NIA offices with a printed Ghana card application form for your card.

  • Visit the National Identification authority portal and online registration portal and click new application
  • On the new page, an automatic registration ID will be generated for you. Write it done and use it later.
  • Enter a password of your choice in the password box and re-enter it again.
  • Click on ‘start registration’ to begin the process
  • Now, you will be given a form to fill. First, write your name and then click on ‘yes, this is the name I want to use
  • Next stage is where questions about your nationality will be asked. Whether you have a national ID, a dual citizen. You are required to pick yes/no at a time.
  • Proof of nationality, this is where you present your birth certificate or national passport.
  • In this step, you want to choose the means of identification you want to choose. Either NHIS card, Driver’s license, passport, SSNIT card, tax identification number or national voters ID. And click on the save and continue button.
  • You will be prompted if you want to continue with the process, click yes.
  • You will be directed to the next chapter of the application.
  • At this level, you will be required to fill in your gender, height, marital and hair colour and education details. Click save and continue once you are done with the accurate details.
  • Next is the details of your date of birth, hometown, occupation and place of birth.
  • At the stage where you are directed to a declaration page, click yes to accept the declaration and continue.
  • After accepting the declaration, an email of confirmation and the downloadable document will be in your email which you have to download and print for proof for the card at the NIA office.
  • Visit any NIA office to finalise your registration and have your Ghana card.

Meanwhile, going to any NIA office without prior filling this form will take you few minutes of downloading and filling the application form [ household ]  with requisite requirements as a birth certificate or valid passport for and submit it to the NIA office or via

As stated earlier, a Ghana card will become a necessity, if you fail to register yourself during the mass registration, follow the steps and register for your Ghana card online now.

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