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How To Keep A Relationship Alive When Busy With Work

How To Keep A Relationship Alive When Busy With Work

To keep a relationship alive is the key to having its success, and that is one of the most herculean tasks that lovers are failing over and over again.

In a society where,’ get money, get love and add more money is the message from the subconsciousness preached from all points of life, from social media to family and loved ones, you’d like to secure those before taking on other responsibilities, bearing children.

In all those efforts to secure the bag, the main reason for your hustle must be protected at all costs. Yes, we have families but what is the point if you get the bag but has no one as an heir to it. Therefore you must not allow the chase for the bag to take away some ‘realitiess’.

And though, a successful career can get the nicest house, bring all the freshest women around, afford the babies with no worries about medicals, how do you keep both the work and love life healthy after becoming an ardent workaholic?


Your number tip is knowing the time difference, this is applicable in relationships as well as in real life. When you are off the job, know that you are off the job. No job-chatting and emails at dinner unless she asks you about it or it is an emergency.


It is natural and good to try and please your bosses but you must be reminded that you are also a human and not a cog in a machine that has been set to work with no break. And just as your boss, you abe other things that encompass your life apart from work. Example; family.

When at work, be productive at the topmost level, be attentive but don’t be afraid to set boundaries that even your bosses can;y cross. Let them know you are not available 24/7. Just as corporate won’t take care of your sick wife or kid at the hospital, you don’t want to have them eat into your private and personal time.

This may not work if you are the business owner but make time, draw your schedules and stick to it. You won’t be effective as a leader if you are starved for affection all the time.


Work hard play hard – together. A partner, ideally, supports your hustle and you support hers. Ask them if they will like to help out with some works sometimes. Whether that means, helping check the emails on Sunday afternoon. If your partner feels connected and involved in your job, she sees it as less of a barrier to spending time together and less likely to reject the call.


No, it won’t be necessary to bring your significant other to the office all the time and day but try to let them feel who you are professionally. You can take them to company outings, parties and get together as long as it doesn’t feel weird in your company culture.

When you get home after the day’s work, engage them in how the day went in the office and ask about theirs with much interest.

Work can never be the barrier to your sweet love life if you make your significant other feel involved.

Book a trip and work-from-home time. Spend time on vacation eating your favourite foods and having fun. You are both playing hard after working hard.



Communication is one key to keep a relationship alive. Talk about everything and also talk at weird and unexpected times. If your job allows you to carry a cell phone, shoot a text to your beloved the very moment the memory flashes by. And hell, you can go and hide in the washroom and sneak a call on your lover ‘ oh just wanna know how your day is going. You might be super stressed but don’t let hours of 5 to 9 be a lover-free time. Segmenting your life like that may make them feel neglected plus, they’d love to hear from you during the day too.

Jarrod Thorson, a full-time warehouse manager who works at a friend’s pizzeria by night, said that when it comes to keeping a marriage strong in spite of hectic work schedules, he recommends “talking and making a plan.”

His wife, he said, works full-time in an office and part-time in retail, and with their four jobs, two kids, and various dogs, cats, and farm animals, it can be hard to find time to nurture the relationship.

“My wife gets stressed out when things are out of her control, so I make a plan ahead of time to save a lot of crabby conversations,” he said. “Make sure there’s time to connect. Quick phone calls or texts throughout the day help. Her love language is acts of service, so setting up her coffee in the morning or letting the animals out so she can have a few more minutes of sleep can start the day out on a good note. She’ll leave me random notes with a joke or saying she loves me. Little things go a long way.”



However you will try to be a totally devoted employee, boss, friend, partner and lover, once in a while, something will come across your way that will be beyond your control. That is how things work, naturally. You can have a perfect beach day plan with that special someone and get called to the office that same Saturday [ and it’s an emergency ]. Sometimes the stress can overwhelm you and you will forget to send a text or in other words, uphold your half of the partnership.

When that happens, own up and own it. Be quick to say sorry and mean it when you say it.

“Don’t let things fester,” said Thorson. “Apologize if you were a d!ck on the phone. Think of each other. Tell them when you are. Listen to each other.”

He pointed out that when his wife is tense or upset, he’ll either give her space to figure out the root cause or “call her on it and try to get to the bottom of it” so they can move on and enjoy the work-free time they do get together. Always address issues head-on because for at least 40 hours a week, you don’t have that chance. “Sure, we’re busy, but there’s no one else I’d rather be busy with,” he said. That’s the goal, the way to keep a relationship active throughout.

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