Get a truck driver Jobs in Canada with Visa sponsorship 2023/2024

Get a truck driver Jobs in Canada with Visa sponsorship 2023/2024

Get a truck driver Jobs in Canada with Visa sponsorship 2023/2024 Learn about truck driver Jobs in Canada with Visa sponsorship for foreigners and working conditions and wages for the most in-demand profession in Canada truck driver.

It is no exaggeration to say that truck driving is the most sought-after profession in Canada. If you have work experience, you can easily move to Canada, get a job and get permanent residency in the future. However, even if you have never worked as a truck driver, it is enough to learn this profession. Some people even switch from programmer to truck driver to immigrate to Canada.

In this article, we’ll look at:

  • Truck driver Jobs with Visa sponsorship;
  • wage levels for truck drivers in Canada;
  • what truck drivers do during working hours;
  • employment requirements;
  • where to look for a job;
  • how to get to work; immigration options for truck drivers;
  • the success story of a real person.

Moving to Canada with a Transport truck driver job is much easier than it used to be. As is known, Canada  is one of the fastest growing labor markets with a rapid growing economy in the world. Canada is still looking to bring in more than 1 million new immigrants over the next few years and transport truckers are in high demand. It is well documented that there is a shortage of qualified Transport truck drivers in Canada and this is why job codes are on the National Occupation Register for immigration and work permits.

Canada is a country of great distances. Every day thousands of trucks transport goods from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific, from the prairies of the south to the remotest regions of the north. Truck drivers are in short supply, and Canadian authorities are actively looking for such workers among immigrants.

Truck driver Jobs in Canada with Visa sponsorship


  • Industry: Transport, Road, Vehicle, Truck Driver
  • Job Type: Transportation
  • Experience: Not Necessary
  • Age Limit: No
  • Equipment types: Tractor-trailer: Tractor, Flatbed, Tractor Highway, Refrigerated truck (4.600kgplus) or 10,000 lbs using three or more axles
  • Salary: $16-33/Hour

According to, the average salary for a truck driver in Canada is $48,750 CAD per year or $4,060 CAD per month ($25 CAD per hour). Entry-level truck drivers earn around $41,000 CAD per year ($3,400 CAD per month) while most experienced drivers earn up to $68,000 CAD per year ($5,700 CAD per month).

You can compare the approximate salaries of truck drivers in Canada and USA.

In addition to the fact that truck drivers receive wages higher than the market average, good working conditions are arranged for drivers. For example, if a truck breaks down and the truck driver is unable to make a trip, he will still receive a wage of 50 hours a week. Also, those who work as drivers do not do repairs themselves. They call a dispatcher, who contacts the nearest service center and sends a repairman. There is a strict division of labor in Canada, and no one does work for other people.

Full Occupational Description: Working as a truck driver in Canada

What do long-haul truck drivers do? According to the Canadian Occupational Handbook, truck drivers in Canada

  • Mainly operate and drive heavy vehicles over 4500 kg to transport goods and materials over long distances.
  • Plan the logistics of the trip and obtain the necessary documentation for the transport of the goods.
  • Carry out checks on vehicle systems, equipment and accessories, such as tires, lights and turn signals, brakes and cooler.
  • Ensure that cargo is properly secured in accordance with security requirements and follow security procedures when transporting dangerous goods.
  • Obtain special permits and other documents necessary for the transport of goods on international routes.
  • Records load information, hours of operation, distance traveled and fuel consumption.
  • Maintain records of bills of lading and manual or electronic records.
  • Communicate with customers using communication devices and on-board computers.
  • Communicate with the dispatcher, and other drivers
  • It can carry out emergency road repairs.
  • Can ride as part of a team or convoy of two.
  • It can transport dangerous goods or dangerous goods.