Jobs in the US for immigrants Work in the USA

Jobs in the US for immigrants Work in the USA

Jobs in the US for immigrants Work in the USA If you are searching for a job in the US for immigrants, you need to know how visas work, what salaries are and what jobs are available. This is what we present in this article. Follow!

One of the main reasons immigrants probably consider moving to the United States is due to the market and existing opportunities. How exactly does working in the USA work for immigrants? What are the vacancies, salaries and visas required?

Even in the face of the pandemic, the country remains one of the best in the world in job creation and opportunities. A recent survey by the US Department of Labor reveals that the US created 431,000 jobs in March and the unemployment rate dropped from 3.8% to 3.6%. Additionally, wage gains were up 0.4% from February and 5.6% year-over-year.

These are some of the reasons why the United States is one of the countries that receive the most immigrants in the world. After all, it is the search for the “American dream”, which includes good wages and a better quality of life.

If you also have this desire or want to update yourself on the subject, check out this post. Here, we will explain the main aspects you need to know. Read on!

There are at least 9 Top Jobs in the US for Immigrants listed in this passage:

  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Computing
  • Mathematics

What are the tips for finding a job in the USA for Immigrants?

Starting the quest for the American dream is simple, but requires care with bureaucracy. If you are looking for work in the USA for Immigrants, it is essential to pay attention to some points. Check out some tips we prepared for you.

  1. Be fluent in English

Trying to live in the United States without knowing how to speak English — or without having the confidence to interact with other people — is really risky. In addition to the difficulties you tend to go through, this is one of the requirements to get a work visa.

So, before changing, the most recommended thing is to have at least basic knowledge of the language.

Upon arriving in the country, certainly, living with native speakers will help in learning and you can take specific courses to acquire fluency faster.

If you can take courses to improve your English before traveling, even better. Cultural exchange programs are removed from this list. In this case, the student travels for a shorter period of time to work and, at the same time, learn the language.

  1. Be polite and follow US rules

Respecting the country’s immigration policies is essential. If you ignore this tip, you risk being deported at any time. In addition, it is impossible to remove the Social Security Number (SSN).

This is a necessary identification to receive payments, acquire credit, make bank transactions, among other activities.

The SSN is granted only to immigrants who have a work visa.

Without meeting this requirement, the possibility of you finding a good job is also low, as illegal immigrants work underground and often earn below what is established by law.

  1. Have a curriculum adapted to the US job market

Offering your work depends on having a resume. However, it must conform to North American standards in order to meet the requested requirements. Basically, it should contain:

  • professional experience;
  • qualifications summary (academic training);
  • languages ​​and key skills (languages ​​and computing),
  • references (reference).
  1. Create a profile on Linkedln in English

Having a LinkedIn profile is necessary, as this social network is widely used by North American companies that post job openings. Thus, they select candidates for interviews, even in other countries. Therefore, it is a way to get a job in the US for Immigrants.

Have a complete and up-to-date profile on the site. If any company likes your profile, it can help with all the legal procedures for your immigration. Also pay attention, as several companies create recruitment processes within this platform.

  1. Get referrals from other Immigrants in the US

Having the support of other Immigrants in the United States is important and you will find it easy to make friends in the country. Even more so with specific groups on social networks like Facebook, for example. Thus, from this network of contacts, indications of work in the US for Immigrants and other opportunities may arise.

  1. Study

Investing in a course in the United States increases the chances of getting a job. Therefore, many Immigrants take a work and study visa to take a professional course, a specialization, a master’s degree and even a doctorate. With an American degree, it will certainly be easier to find work.

  1. Evaluate underemployment — and consider it

There are many Americans who don’t want underemployment. They are often left to people with no experience or immigrants. Among them are vacancies such as nanny, clerk, cleaner, construction assistants and others.

As the Immigrants diploma generally requires validation in the United States, if this does not happen, it is likely that you will have difficulty finding a job in your area of ​​training.

The diploma validation process is time consuming. While you wait, consider an underemployment to break into the US job market.

What is the salary in the United States?

Unlike other destinations, the salary in the United States is calculated per hour of work. The average workload is 34.5 hours per week and the minimum hourly rate established by law is US$7.25.

So monthly earnings are around $1,256 depending on what kind of job you get.

The hourly rate also varies by state. In the capital, Washington DC, the minimum is US$ 11.50 per hour and in California, US$ 10.50 per hour.

Cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco have begun implementing the $15 minimum.

The cost of living varies by state. Those considered cheaper to live are:

The cost of living varies by state. Those considered cheaper to live are:










It is considered possible to live in the country earning an average of US$ 1,000 to US$ 2,000 per person.

How to Acquire a Work Visa in the United States?

Looking for a job in the US for Immigrants requires a visa. As we mentioned earlier, risks arise when entering the country illegally. However, there are several different types of authorization.

The temporary work visa is the H. To obtain it, you need a work petition (Form I-129) submitted by the US employer, which will be approved by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS).

There are still other possibilities. The available types of visas are:

H-1B visa (specialist occupation)

It is granted to workers who intend to work in a pre-contracted role. To apply for authorization, you must have completed university education or a professional certification with differentiated skills.

The employer who will give work in the United States to Immigrants must submit an application to the Department of Labor in the United States. In the request, it will be necessary to present the contractual terms and conditions offered.

The H-1B visa can last up to three years and can be extended but not to exceed six years. There is an annual limitation of this modality, which is 65,000.

Unmarried spouses and children under the age of 21 may accompany the H-1B visa holder. They will be issued an H-4 visa, which does not give permission to work.

H-2B visa (skilled and unskilled work)

Aimed at qualified and unskilled workers, it is granted to foreigners who intend to occupy a seasonal or temporary position, in areas where there is a shortage of labor among US citizens and legal residents.


The employer must apply to the Department of Labor for a certificate confirming that there are no US workers qualified for these functions. Therefore, the need for foreign hiring.

After that, you will need to file a petition with the USCIS. The H2B visa has a maximum initial duration of 1 year, but can be extended for up to 3 years.

H-3 Visa (Interns)

It is granted to foreign interns who intend to go to the US to receive training in any area that is not related to graduation or academic training.

With this visa, the foreigner cannot have a productive job. Another point is that the training must not exist in the applicant’s country of origin.

As with other visas, the employer needs to file a petition with the USCIS for the training to be approved.

It is worth mentioning that, in order to issue any work visa to the USA, it is necessary to be fluent in English, which will be proven in interviews with immigration and the embassy.

For those who intend to undertake in the United States, there is an EB-5 investor visa. Through it, foreigners obtain the right to live in the country in exchange for investing in entrepreneurship projects located in regions with high unemployment rates.