The Mentions Of Freedom Coin As A Cryptocurrency Is Just Speculations – Freedom Jacob Caesar

Pioneer of Ghana’s first speculated cryptocurrency has thrown a lot of people into an upheaval about what Freedom coin will be about.

Freedom Jacob Caesar – the first man in Ghana and Africa to undertake what many speculated as a launch of a crypto coin has called the media’s reportage about the development as ‘just speculations’.

This was after the Bank Of Ghana in a swift reply to inquiries about the ‘coin’ issued a statement that denied knowledge about the development and hence warned citizens to tread cautiously with whatever the Freedom coin may entail.

What Is The Freedom Coin About?

According to Nana Kwame Bediako who is better known as Freedom Jacob Caesar, he is yet to define what the Freedom Coin is and how it would fit into the country’s current financial system.

Whether it is going to be a crypto coin or a different type of online investment venture, you and l will have to wait until it is properly detailed.

Freedom Coin was announced at the Black Star Square on Ghana’s Independence Day, 6th March 2022. However, there were no specifics given about what the product was going to be and how it would fit within the current financial system. The only mentions of Freedom Coin as a cryptocurrency were speculations by the media.” He writes in his response to BoG’s statement.

Freedom Coin may not be a cryptocurrency

The statement has since thrown the handful of followers showing keen interest in the development into a confused state with many calling it a scam.

We wait to see what the Freedom Coin will be made of.

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