Dubai Based ICICB Invests $100m In Freedom Coin

Nana Kwame Bediako’s Freedom coin has magnetized its first investor from abroad despite caution by the Bank of Ghana against the cryptocurrency.

A Dubai-based investment company named ICICB, which aims at providing funds to foster projects in all industries including banking, medical healthcare, real estate, crypto, and many more has invested $100m which represents a 35% share in the yet-to-be-launched Freedom coin cryptocurrency project.

According to the company’s statement, they are geared towards fostering the new native African crypto token to success.

The truth may be, Nana Kwame Bediako has long released the white paper of the project to the doors of only outside prospective investors before his encounter with the Bank of Ghana which has made the project unattractive in the eyes of Ghanaians.

The Freedom And Freedom Coin Vision

Freedom Jacob Caesar’s vision of bridging the gap between Africa and the world through digitization and technology is poised to kickstart as he is expected to build a technology hub in his Petronia city, which will host the first and largest free zone enclave for international, continental, and local crypto miners to have access to data centers and power generators, ensuring the crypto industry’s long-term viability.

Freedom Coin is integrated within these technological development centers to build value among African nations.

As one of the major shareholders, ICICB Group supports the project’s tenacity to bring Africa into the future of digitization.

The investment conglomerate with its burgeoning growth in the past few years believes in its new collaboration with Nana Kwame in offering the African population the ability to achieve greater financial opportunities.

Freedom Coin is slated to be Africa’s first native token to accelerate other African countries to follow the trend of digital transformation in the same way.

Overall, the firm oversees the new initiative as a tool to aid in digitizing the African continent. With the project estimated at US$400 million, the Group invested $100 million and unveiled plans to remodel digital solutions in African countries, as well as being placed in a prominent position for its clients to tap into the full potential of these technological advancements.

Earlier, Freedom released a strategic declaration indicating that the first 15 million people who invest in Freedom Coin will receive a 20% return on their investment, driving investors from all around the world. “I want to give crypto miners the opportunity and incentive to come to Africa and receive free zone tax incentives.”

“This migration will bring a change to both the African economy and the digital world,” says the visionary industrialist.

Users may purchase and sell crypto assets, NFTs, virtual land, and more with Freedom Coin. The project is more than just connecting African countries; it is connecting Africa to the rest of the globe.

However, questions about how Nana Kwame Bediako is doing his ICO funding through token sales or fiat baffle Ghanaians as there is no information of such on the Freedom coin’s official website. 


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