Broken GIJ Student Receives Huge Cushion From Business Mogul Patrick Nartey.

Business Mogul, CEO of PMN Group of companies Patrick Mensah Nartey has extended his warm hands of help to the devastated GIJ student who went viral after GIJ decided to defer students of failure to pay fees on time.

A few days ago, Lordlyna Inkoom, a student of the Ghana Institute of Journalism went viral on the back of her heartfelt plea for the university to reverse their decision to defer students who were unable to pay their fees on time. Like a knight in shining armor, Patrick Mensah Nartey, the Chief Executive Officer of PMN Company reached out to her and paid the full semester fees.


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After Lordlyna’s video broke the internet, the Real Estate mogul and gold dealer sought after her saying, “Help Me Find This Lady! I Admire Her Courage And Story To Be In School. I Want To Help Her Financially To Be In School. I See Greatness In Her Already.“

In less than 24 hours, Mr. Nartey was able to get in touch with her and awarded her a sum of GHS3,000 to pay her full tuition fees for the semester.


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