A Lot Of Police Cannot Speak Nor Write Basic English – Reports.

The political interference in other affairs of the nation is doing more harm than good as Police reports released has indicated that  more than half of the Ghanaian Police Personnel can’t speak basic English.

Some of them cannot sign their signatures, therefore resorting to the old way of thumb printing.

“…It is so sad to find men and women today who cannot read and write, who have to go the bank and use thumb print ” Deputy Director of Transformation Program Office of the Ghana Police, DSP Henry Ayisi  raised concerns over the quality of some of the service personnel.

“…Oh my God! why should it happen to Ghana? And the facilitating factor is politics” he cried, saying politics in recruitment process is killing the quality of the recruits.

DSP stated that a lot of the people are handpicked and promoted over others, an dangerous thing killing the performance of policing in Ghana.

The DSP raised these concerns at a workshop organised by Hanns Seidel Foundation [ HSF ] in collaboration with Ghana Police.

He also moaned how some Municipal District Chief Executives are fond of ordering the police to release people they had arrested.

The aim of the workshop was to discuss challenges facing the Police and the way about it

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