Saturday, March 25, 2023
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Video: Anyone Against Church Openings Dies For It – Bishop Oyedepo.

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Top Nigerian preacher and evangelist Bishop David Oyedepo who is against the continues closure of churches due to corona virus has once gain expressed his outrage.

He couldn’t make out why markets in Nigeria are reopening for business whilst churches are still locked due to lock down rules. I think he has a point there though.

In a video circulated across social media, Bishop Oyedepo said he had opened the doors to Churches spiritually and warned those against the church getting back on its feet.

He said “The doors to churches across Nations are again declared opened this morning. Can I tell you this? Hunger is far more devastating than any virus that will ever visit the earth.


“It kills silently. There is no vaccine for hunger. There is no medical solution to hunger. Hunger has no treatment than to have food and Spiritual famine is far more devastating… Bishop Oyedepo says

“That is what the devil is looking for but he has failed. The church is back on its feet. Anyone who hates to see that dies for it.

“The church of Christ on the earth is liberated. Spiritual famine shall not have its way. Can I tell the world, no one has the answer to a problem like Jesus”, Oyedepo added.

Across Africa religious groupings are pushing for the lifting of restrictions on their activities especially gatherings at church premises.

Initially these religious groupings mostly Christian and Muslim based heeded to the call to suspend their meetings to stop the spread of the virus.

But it seems the restrictions are biting hard and Churches especially are now pushing for their reopening so they can hold services.

Governments across the continent are still contemplating if churches will be able to observe proper social distancing and health guidelines should they be allowed to resume services.


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