Al-Jouf University Scholarship 2023/2024

Still, on the scholarships for international and national students in Saudi Arabia, we present the Al-Jouf university scholarship. This scholarship is available for international students residing in or outside the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.

The international scholarships at Al-Jouf university run every year and they accept invitations from thousands from which they award the most depending on academic performance. The University of Al-Jouf is a tuition-free university with further financial support for international students.

About Al-Jouf University

Al-Jouf or Jouf university is a research university founded in 2005 with a royal decree. The university has 10 colleges on its main campus in Sakaka in the northwestern part of Saudi Arabia with other colleges on various campuses some of which were former community colleges. And it is currently the only serving university in that region at the time of this article.

Al-Jouf University Scholarship 2023/2024

The community college was called the Community College of Sakaka until it was joined with Jouf University in 2007 when the royal decree came to join all community colleges in the region with major universities.

The medium of instruction in the University for undergraduate programs is mostly English for medical colleges; Dentistry, and pharmacy. medical, Nursing, and Applied Health Sciences and also engineering colleges while other subjects such as Law, Sharia, and Islamic studies are in Arabic. There is English Language support at all levels by the university’s language department.

Objectives Of Jouf University

  • Providing an appropriate scientific atmosphere for faculty members and students.
  • Building outstanding academic programs and developing a permanent basis in line with international standards and national requirements
  • Raise the level and learning and education for university students through the adoption of appropriate educational policies.
  • Create specialized research centers in distinct faculties of the university and support all necessary capabilities.
  • Create a database of the research faculty at the University of Al-Jouf

Category Of Scholarships At Al-Jouf University

There are two types of scholarship at Jouf University namely: [1] The Internal Scholarship and the [2] External Scholarship.

These two types of scholarships are offered in full for various programs ranging from undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. for admitted students who are eligible.

  1. Internal Scholarship: For non-Saudi citizens who reside in Saudi with a valid resident permit and are willing to study at Al-Jouf University.
  2. External Scholarship: For non-Saudi citizens who reside outside the Kingdom and willing to study at the university.

Description Of Al-Jouf University Scholarship

  • Type: Fully-funded
  • Level Of Education: Undergraduate and Postgraduate
  • Duration: Full-time
  • Host Institution And Eligible Regions: Al-Jouf University, available for all international students.

Benefits Of The Al-Jouf University Scholarships

Like most Saudi Arabia scholarships, this scholarship has benefits such as;

  • Monthly stipend
  • Free accommodation
  • Full tuition fees covered
  • Round trip air ticket per year
  • Free health care and service
  • Opportunity in participate in research projects

Course Offered At Al-Jouf University

The university offers programs under many faculties such as Science, Health, Social Sciences, Community Health, and many more.  The following is the list of undergraduate programs at the University.

  • Computer Science
  • Dentistry
  • Medicine
  • Arabic Language
  • Engineering
  • Information Sciences
  • English Language
  • Science

The Graduate programs offered at the university are:

  • Renewable Energy Administration
  • Prosthetic Dental Science
  • Public Health
  • Data Science And Instruction
  • Educational Leadership
  • Applied Sciences and Professional
  • Arts
  • Computer Science

Eligibility Requirements For The Al-Jouf University Scholarships

To stand the chance of being selected for any of the scholarships available at the Jouf university in KSA, you meet all the following requirements below:

  1. Before you apply, make sure you possess a high school diploma or any of its equivalents from any school in Saudi [ internal applicants ] or outside Saudi [ external applicants ].
  2. You must be sure the age of the certificate is not more than 5 [ five ] years after acquiring it.
  3. Be ready to pass any interview or test the scholarship council of the University will put you through
  4. You must obtain approval from your referee if you work in a government or private institution.
  5. You must have a record of good behavior from your former school in or outside Saudi.

Documentation Required In Applying For The Scholarship

The following documents are required to help you complete your application and stand a chance of winning a scholarship at Jouf University. For those applying for undergraduate studies and graduate studies. 

  1. High school documents and mark-sheets
  2. Arabic Language or English Proficiency is required but you can still apply if you do not have this.
  3. Statement Of Purpose
  4. Reccomendation Letters
  5. Passport Copy

How To Apply For The Scholarship

Head to the official scholarship portal, select your gender and apply. Bear in mind the scholarship deadline is between December to January every year. If you visit the portal, you will be notified if applications are ongoing or not.

So this is how to apply for the Al-Jouf university scholarships as an international student who is willing to undertake a higher education under any of the programs offered by the university. For scholarships in and outside Saudi Arabia, hunt more here. NB: The higher the number of applications you sent to universities, the higher your chances of getting one.