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A3 Flu Hits Some Eastern Region SHSs.


A few students from three separate Senior High Schools (SHS) in the Eastern Region have been isolated after some of them all of a sudden started claiming sick with same symptoms.

The schools are Krobo Girls’ SHS, Legacy Girls College and the Akuse Methodist Senior Technical School.

First medical tests on the students by health experts in the area have turned positive for A3 Influenza.

Health experts in the area said the situation is not common.

As indicated by the Eastern Regional Director of the Ghana Health Service, Dr. Albert Antobreh-Boateng the case was recorded after students from the said schools – all inside the Lower Manya Krobo District – took part in a debate competition.


In Citi News talk with, Dr. Antobreh-Boateng said the issue is being taken care of and communicated good faith that all the affected students would have the option to continue going to class one week from now.

“In Krobo Girls, the individuals who were contaminated were still attending classes so they were re-contaminating themselves. So we needed to stop the individuals who were infected from going to classes. We have placed every one of them in one class and they are being handle by a team. Another team is also taking care of the individuals who are still announcing similar signs.”

“The individuals who are very sick, we either put them on chemifloc or we give them conventional symptomatic treatment. We have had positive outcomes when the test was accomplished for A3. It is a regular influenza and it’s not risky. The other two schools are Akuse Methodist Technical School and Legacy Girls School”, he included.

Flu A3 is a variation of the flu virus, otherwise called the “seasonal influenza”.

It contains strains of flu of avian and human assortments and is the cause of a few known epidemics.


Likewise, it is transmitted similarly that other comparative flu variations are transmitted.

Particles from a contaminated individual can be contracted through physical contact, airborne particles, or contact with surfaces and articles that have gotten infected.

Side effects don’t contrast hugely from different strains of the flu infection and some are fever, body and joint hurt, weariness, dry hack, runny nose and sore throat.

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Source: citifim