Jay-Z seems to perfectly embody the American dream. After all, he worked hard to get out of poverty, drugs and he rose to become one of the greatest icons in the world.

He married the most powerful singer in the world and started a family with. He now leads a quiet life with his wife Beyoncé Knowles-Carter and their three children: Blue Ivy – 8 years old, Sir – 2 years old and Rumi – 2 years old.

He would have to take it easy if it weren’t for his “natural children” who came into the picture constantly. Her repeated scandals and her infidelities ended up damaging the image of Beyoncé, making her go from GirlPower icon to the laughing stock of US showbiz.

So when a young woman arrives claiming that Jay-Z is her biological father, we no longer doubt i. La’Teasha Macer says to anyone who wants to hear that Shawn Corey Carter aka Jay-Z is her sire; she even filed a complaint against him so that he recognized her.

A fight lost in advance that none of his natural children has ever won . Others preferred to negotiate amicably and are doing quite well.

According to the Bossip website, La’Teasha was born in 1990 and is from Maryland. Her mother Lisa was said to have been introduced to Jay-Z by her sister; they would have started a romantic relationship soon after.

Lisa’s sister is said to have shared the story on Facebook, alleging that they had attempted to reach Jay-Z at its Roc-A-Fella head office when Lisa became pregnant, but they were mocked by staff members.

They would have been laughed at by calling them liars. They were asked if they knew the number of women who called each day to report Jay-Z as the father of their children.

Jay Z

However, the aunt remembers the good times spent together:

“I know the story from start to finish. I was hanging out with your father and mother years ago. Jay asked me who she was when I was still living at 500 side Greenwood Ave! We spent so much time in this apartment laughing, drinking, smoking, playing cards. ”

Since then, La’Teasha has been at war with the rapper of the album “4:44” on social networks, claiming that he knew her but never recognized her:

“Follow me if you want to know more about my story, about living in the shadows by being the daughter of Jay-Z, in a city where everyone knows he is my father.” How I grew up, how I saw multiple sclerosis reaching my mother (a form of paralysis). 

There is no way for him to deny anything, and even more so when there are people here who have known him. “

La’Teasha created an Instagram account with the name ” jayzfirstdaughter ” where she published many photos, posts and videos saying that she is the daughter of Jay-Z born from an affair he had with his mother , almost thirty years ago.

She claims in her last publication to have done a DNA test which corroborates her statements. You can follow the story on his Instagram account.


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