Gov’t Will Never Do Anything About Rape, Better Wise Up – Lady Advises

A lady advises her colleagues to wise up by taking steps in protecting themselves against sexual assault [ rape ] as nobody [ governments ] will come to the aid of victims who suffer the fate.

In a video spotted by, a lady questions how African leaders seems unperturbed about rape issues as no action has been taken against the act after several victims narrate their plights in the hands these rapists.

Casting our minds back, rape and rape allegations has been rampant in Ghana and Nigeria for the past weeks after some few ladies who were lucky to have been saved by social media got the attentions needed in narrating their ordeals. One in Ghana was in the case where a nurse who got ‘fingered’ by NHIS boss in the act of resisting her ‘predator’.

However, it all went futile as further developments went behind the scene, and your guess is good as mine.

The ‘virtuous woman’ call on ladies to be courteous as many men out there are mentally unstable and goes after every woman, not considering their age, mental health etc moreover, the governments are condoning the act in a way by not punishing the perpetrators. Unlike, the USAs and the UKs where even prostitutes and strippers are protected from these evildoers talk less of under-ages and vulnerable ones.

She advised that, being attractive [ sexy ] shouldn’t be measured by what you wear or how immoral you dress but the words that come out of your mouth. watch the full video below: