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Vanessa Bryant Dead?



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News circulating on social media that Vanessa Bryant has hanged herself

The site reporting the news is a fake site

Gossip tidbits that Vanessa Bryant, the widow of b-ball legend Kobe Bryant, killed herself following the passing of her husband are completely bogus.

The talk had went viral out quickly on social media not long ago after a video that show a BBC News report of her death escalated on Facebook.

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CULVER CITY, CA – NOVEMBER 10: Vanessa Laine Bryant (L) and Kobe Bryant attend the 2018 Baby2Baby Gala Presented by Paul Mitchell at 3LABS on November 10, 2018 in Culver City, California.

A screenshot that at that point made the rounds over the web read ‘R.I.P Vanessa Bryant 1982-2020’ and had a BBC News logo put on it on the base right corner.

Notwithstanding, Snopes is revealing that the video was a lie intended to benefit from the passings of Kobe and his 13-year-old girl Gianna, who both kicked the bucket in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California, on January 26, alongside seven others.

It was revealed that all the red flags displayed the death news was fake, including the way that it was executed by a site called, which isn’t the place one would discover video reports by BBC News.


Vanessa Marie Bryant ( Vanessa Cornejo Urbieta, formerly Laine; May 5, 1982) is a previous American model and video model. Starting her profession as a youngster, Bryant has showed up in various music shootings,” reads a line on the site.

A note beneath the video reads, “This Video has Gone Viral, for clocking 77K shares and views in 60 minutes. WARNING, Contains Graphic Content…”

However when played the video, you will not see any proven evidence before you will ask to share the news on FACEBOOK, which is not how BBC works.

Furthermore, the conspicuous and greatest tell that the report is fake comes from the video itself. The initial six seconds includes a still of the ‘R.I.P Vanessa Bryant 1982-2020′ picture that is quickly trailed by Fox News’ Neil Cavuto expressing, “I have some tragic news for you today.”

However, the video suddenly cuts off and the following 35 seconds is a still of Celine Dion from the ‘Today Show’ before it closes with an additional couple of moments of the ‘R.I.P Vanessa Bryant’ picture.


Vanessa is still so much alive and lamenting the loss of her husband and girl. She had released a sad statement tending to their demises this previous week and said she was feeling the loss of her “angels”. You can read it here

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LOS ANGELES, CA – FEBRUARY 26: (L-R) Vanessa Laine Bryant, former NBA player Kobe Bryant, Natalia Diamante Bryant, and Gianna Maria-Onore Bryant

We will not be allowed to share the fake video here as it is meant to tarnish image of BBC.