Friday, March 24, 2023
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Valentine’s Day Love From Prison

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Lady got thrilled after her Jaime boyfriend sent her flowers from with a heartwarming message.

The lady who wasn’t expecting anything from anybody as her lover is in jail was just so thrilled to receive a bouquet of flowers sent from her lover.

After some few ‘ tear drops of joy’ she took to her media to share a video of the flowers and revealed how she received a call from unknown person to pick a package.

She was so excited to know that it came from her boyfriend.

‘..I came back from class with a bouquer of flower waiting for me at the package office


I just cried like a baby. My baby in jail & he still made me special today – she revealed.

The lady who haven’t set eyes on her lover for months before the fête, revealed that the package is enough and has make her day

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