The First To Keep Of Your Marriage Is Your Mother


Nigerian human rights activist Aisha Yesufu has advised both ladies and gentlemen who are yet to find love [ marriage ] to keep their mothers out of it.

Aisha is known for her fight against the Nigerian Police brutality during the #EndSars campaign when her image as a female war leader become the emblem for the endSars protesters.

In one of her position on Twitter, Aisha Yesufu argued that as soon as you started sharing your private love life with your parent [ mother ], you have given them the nod interfere and start deciding for you, which doesn’t help in marriage.

When you get married, the first person you have to ensure you keep out of your marriage is YOUR MOTHER! Those love and concerns and wanting to find all is okay in the guise of love? It is not healthy! You start sharing what is happening you are done for! They begin to interfere!

As a new couple, learn what works for you. It is unique. Develop it yourself the way you want to. Keep everyone out of it! Do your thing and it is never easy marrying two different lives together. So take your time.
Keep everyone out and do you!

Parents should learn to let their children be. If you cannot trust your child to make the right decision then you have been a bad parent that hasn’t equipped your child to be able to make informed decisions with the information they have. She wrote.

Whereas they are a lot of thoughts on this, I would like to concur for the reasons been that some parents are very protective and would never seat aloft seeing their lovely daughters/sons ‘suffer’, also some parents use their misfortunes in marriage life in advising their young ones.

However, some Twitter users disagree for reasons they did well to explain, some make sense, some do not.


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