Novels: Technical Virgin Episode 44

He began to dial her number immediately but she refused to pick up her calls, not knowing how he was feeling inside as his heart beat raced faster and faster. It seemed his room became too small for him and stood up pacing up and down from the bed room to the sitting room still dialing her number.

“Sade, please pick up your calls. Please pick your calls!” He said pleadingly as if she was there with him to hear him. He dialed her number for the up tenth time then started bombarding her phone with text messages.

Sade kept sobbing as she saw his calls but couldn’t receive them for fear and shame of being seen as a sexually loose person and she began to regret ever sending him the text in the first place.

“Brother Kehinde would start seeing me as a loosed woman now, I should have kept it to myself.” She was weeping but quickly wiped off the tears in her eyes when his text messages started pouring in.

In his first text, he pleaded with her not to do anything stupid, then explained to her that having sexual urge is a natural thing that happens to normal people whether a born again or not. He also explained that she is not a loosed woman because of the urges rather, it shows that she is a healthy woman because she can respond to stimulus.

He explained further using his experience over the years with women as a gynaecologist to educate her more about the woman body then encouraged her by saying,
“I know you are a strong lady with a high level of self control and you can control the urges. You have been keeping your body all these years and you can’t afford to break that standard of chastity which is the reason why still relate with you because. Sade I want you to know that I love you, do not regret ever telling me how you felt because it doesn’t change how I see you.

With love and concern from your best friend Kenny..” The last text read and it sank deeply into her heart like a drop of cold water on a dry and thirsty land. A smile crossed her lips at the same time with tears of joy and by then, the urge had fizzled out without her notice.

“Thank you very much brother Kehinde. I’m sorry for not picking your calls, I feel better now. Once again, thank you.” She quickly replied and then switched off her phone and lay down on the bed closely to Toyin on her tummy.
Kehinde scratched his head thoughtfully as he read her text message over and over again then arrived at a decision to propose marriage to Sade and win her first to himself then wait for when his parents are ready to accept his choice of whom to marry.

Very early the next morning, he put a call across to the church mummy who was out of the state for a program and informed her of his plan to make his intention openly known to Sade and the woman started teasing him.
“Oh! Mr secret lover boy, so you finally want to come out openly from your hiding abi?” She said laughing hard over the phone.
” Mummy, please leave me o. I want to win her to myself as fast as possible before all these sharp sharp brothers in your church will snatch her away from me Jaree . he said and joined her laughing.

“That’s a good step my brother. Sade is a nice girl, it’s just that she fell victim of one of those temptations that are common to young people.. Well, why am even telling you these as if you were not there all along.” She said in a hurry, then asked immediately.

“What about your parents, have they finally approved your marriage plans with her?” She asked with a concern in her voice.
“Mummy, they haven’t o. But first thing first, let me even get Sade to accept me first. Am so certain that one day they will have no option than to dance to my own tune.” He said and forced out a dry smile.
“It’s well brother Kehinde, we shall join you in prayers..” She replied coldly and they bade each other good bye.

He entered the bathtub and had a good bath allowing the showers to gush out water continuously over his head as he sat down on the inside. His phone rang and he stretched out his hand and collected to check the caller, it was an international number so he quickly cleaned his head and on pressing the receive button, he heard his elder sister’s voice.

“Hello Kenny, bawoni?” She said in a hurry.
” Ah! Sister mi, am fine o. You’ve forgotten your only brother na.” He said smiling.
“Kenny forget that thing first, I was told momma is very sick. What are you doing about that?” She announced and he was taken aback at the information.
“Sick? Nobody informed me about that. Who gave you that information?” He replied looking confused.

“You mean you are in Nigeria and I get information about what happens to our parents more than you? When last did you visit home ?” She queried sounding offensive and he suddenly felt guilty for having not visited nor called his parents for over six months.

“Sister mi, that’s not necessary now. I will travel home first thing tomorrow morning to attend to her.”
“Tomorrow morning is too far, you have to get ready and go home today.” She said authoritatively and he started laughing.
“Soldier woman, you have not changed one bit. Stop commanding me o, am now a full grown up man.” He said still laughing.

“I’m not laughing with you yet, go and treat my mother first then call me so we can discuss about that your Sade of a girl you were talking about.” She said smiling at the other end.
“So it’s now you want to talk about her since over how many months? Go jor, you are not a good big sister.” He said and they both started laughing.
“You should know I don’t have problems with your choice of whom to marry, I just want you to be careful. You already have my half support till when you finish treating my mother.” She said jovially.

“Alright, let me see how it goes.” He said and they joked over other things then bade each other farewell.
Kehinde got to the office earlier than usual and attended to some pregnant women who were around, then put a call across to Sade and informed her about his mother’s condition and his plan to travel home to know the nature of the sickness and possibly start up a treatment on her if it’s within his ability.
“I will try and come back before 2pm so we can go to the studio.” He promised.

“No problems, just take your time. We can go to the studio next week” she said with concern, then continued.
“Greet her for me.” She said before ending the call.

Kehinde arrived home to meet his parents absence and was told that his mother had been rushed to the hospital in the same city he was coming back from.
“What’s happening?” He asked nobody but himself. Whatever will make the oba, his father to leave his throne must be a serious matter and their refusal to call him means that they must be seriously angry with him.
He quickly dialed his father’s number and he picked up immediately and gave him the name of the hospital they were.

He knew his father does not have a strong heart and could easily be convinced but his mother had a soldier’s heart just like his elder sister who was based in the UK.
He drove on a high speed limit and arrived the general hospital where his mother was admitted and luckily, he knew the doctor in charge of her treatment. He inquired and was told the nature of the sickness then he breathed down, relieved that it wasn’t really a serious issue.

He drove the oba to his house to freshen up and when he was thinking of what next to do and how to combine Sade’s studio show with his mother in the hospital and the oba in his house, an idea dropped in his mind.
He smiled and called Sade to council the studio show for that day.

“My mother is admitted at the general hospital here in the city with no one staying with her. Please can you to stay with her this weekend since there’s no school tomorrow and next.?” He said pleadingly over the phone and she agreed immediately without thinking about it the second time…

To be continued