Video: AMG Boy Runs Mad After Alleged Benin Visit

Arab Money Gang( AMG ) member Star Boy runs mad after he alleged Benin visit. A young man who’s one of the popular Sakawa Boys in the country and also a member of the AMG Business crew owned and headed by rapper Criss Waddle has gone completely mad. The young and famous AMG Sakawa boy … Read more

Criss Waddle Shows His Old Ghetto Before Riches

AMG Boss and rapper Criss Kwaku Waddle has opened his achieve of memories before his fame to his fans on social media In a motivational video, rapper Criss Waddle has sent his fans back to the ghetto he was living in before making it to the top. He motivated fans to know that despite the … Read more

Criss Waddle To Pay Hospital Bills For 500 Patients

Arab Money Gang ( AMG ) Boss, Criss waddle is reported to be paying hospital bills for 500 random patients who can’t foot their bills. This was uncovered in a post by one of the Gang members, David Deuces. He revealed that the charity work will begin after the CEO is back from the UK … Read more