Criss Waddle Shows His Old Ghetto Before Riches

AMG Boss and rapper Criss Kwaku Waddle has opened his achieve of memories before his fame to his fans on social media

In a motivational video, rapper Criss Waddle has sent his fans back to the ghetto he was living in before making it to the top.

He motivated fans to know that despite the fact that they’re in low moments of their lives and things may not be looking all okay, there’s a reason to hope for a better tomorrow.

“I’ve lived here before I’m telling you but I didn’t give up so don’t give up”, he said in the short viral video.

The AMG CEO is undoubtedly one of the richest people in Ghana but the question many people ask is, where does he get his money from?

The rapper has been rumored to be a scammer who gets his money from defrauding people.

However, somewhere last year, he came out to debunk all those rumors.

In an interview with B Ice on Kumasi based Agyenkwa FM, the ‘Forget Obiaa’ musician stated that he is actually into real estate.

Criss Waddle revealed on the entertainment show that the amount of money one can get if he or she decides to invest in real estate is unbelievable. He dared everyone out there who has a lot of money to just invest in building houses and give it out for rent and see if he is telling lies.

He again went on to assure such people that they will get a lot of profit and certainly would come and thank him for the advice.

The AMG business boss also revealed that contrary to the perception of many people that he had it very easy growing up, there were times he had to sleep outside in someone’s dilapidated shop.