Street Begging Banned In Part Of NIgeria.

The Almajiris of Northern Nigeria have been banned from patrolling the streets begging for alms.

Who are the Almajiris, this is an Islamic group or tribe whose education is only the Quran, they are taught only Quranic lessons and thus render those of them who failed to have formal from landing a proper job.

Most youngsters of the Almajiris are beggars, time from Quranic lessons is time for begging for alms on the streets.

On Tuesday, the Kano state governor Abdullahi Ganduje, has officially released a statement prohibiting the kids from loitering the streets begging for alms.

The declaration was contained in a statement read by his spokesperson Abbar Anwar.

He made this known during the launch of Basic Education Service Delivery For All [ BESDA] and distribution of offer of appointment to 7,500 Volunteers teachers.

The decision was to consolidate free and compulsory primary and secondary school education.

The policy was made to integrate the almajiris education into the policy to address the lingering of the kids on the street.

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