Shatta Wale Hints Of Quitting Music

Success is when you reach a level of your career where you longer do the commanding but your name and achievements command for you.

And Shatta wale might have reached that level therefore considering stepping down from the music scene to pave way for the upcomings.

Shatta Wale is considering quitting music. Yes, he is. He hinted all via a Facebook post. Casting our minds back, Shatta Wale hinted that he will be quitting music this year.

According to him, he would concentrate on making more money from the other side of his hustle.

He has finally considered doing so. In a Facebook post, he quizzed; ‘What If I retire?’.

Shatta Wale’s retirement will be legendary taking into consideration the number of projects he has dropped.

Meanwhile, a source closer to him has hinted that he is preparing to release his 2020 album which features a lot of local and international stars – a move which will be followed by his retirement.

Shatta wale