Sad Video: 15 Years Old Ashawo Turns Out To Be Gay.

Video circulating on the internet cites a moment a 15 years old gay boy who dressed as a lady to attract men got caught.

The negative side of the internet is currently towering the positives as young men and women even juveniles are engaging in means to get rich quickly.

Whilst Ghana is yet to be done with the horrific memories of how two Kasoa boys murdered 10 years old for money rituals, more insane revelations of more youngsters’ barbaric means of getting rich are emerging.

A video cited by has a 16-year-old who claims to have been influenced and deceived by ‘peers’ into gayism mobbed.

He was exposed by his firth customer who met him through a friend who also taught he is a girl due to how he was dressed. Sadly, his bedroom movement wasn’t pro enough as he got himself exposed when trying to rather cover up his real identity.

Interestingly enough, his promise to his customers is that he will give you money and a laptop if you can ‘cum’ in him.


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