video: Ice Kenkey Seller Caught Mashing It With Her Dirty Feet

Accra life is what it is just because some people chose to do everything to get money not considering lives that it may cost to get him or her to that target.

My best advice advise is, however tough your work schedule is, if you don’t have any person who you can trust with what goes into your stomach, just get a some cook wares and prepare your food at home.

Despite the fact that food vendoring is a major money making means in Accra, some of the vendors don’t prepare these foods under any hygienic conditions – they careless about the consumers, only care about they money they make from it.

A video caught a lady known to be a popular Ice Kenkey ( common name for mashed kenkey ) in part of Accra pounding the supposed kenkwy with his bare feet has raise eyebrows on the social media space.


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