Rainstorm Kills A 4 Year Old Girl In Bolga

Despite the fact that the little girl was raced to Afrikids Hospital in Bolgatanga, she was declared dead couple of moments after admission

The occurrence which occurred during an overwhelming rainstorm at Kalbeo in the Bolgatanga region of the Upper East area left the grandma of the deceased and the other two inhabitants harmed.

Family companions and sympathizers have been visiting the house to grieve with the family. Meanwhile, the grandma of the deceased, Ayine Ayinbora who is additionally a widow is recouping from the episode with a leg injury, making it hard for her to walk well.

She described in Grune language how it occurred:

“We were resting in the room when it began raining. I saw that the breeze was getting excessive however when I was putting forth an attempt to move outside with my grandkids, the structure began falling on us. I at that point yelled for help but sadly the tree fell on her and she passed on at the Afrikids Hospital.”

A nearby relative, Amolaazure Barnabas spoke to NADMO and the Bolgatanga Municipal Assembly to go to the aid of the widow to revamp the house and help them with food and other needs since the majority of their properties were demolished by the downpour