Covid-19: Traditional Leaders Pray At Independence Square.

After the Christian and the Muslim Breakfast Prayer at the Flagstaff house, the third party –  traditionalists, got sidelined in their loud request to be invited for their session.

Although offended, they’ve decided to mobilize themselves and pray for the nation.

In a new video, some group of Traditional priests were seen praying aggressively at the Independence Square, Accra.

With bottles of local dry gin in hand, they could be seen pouring libations as they pray alongside.

They were all praying in the language their gods will understand.

One could be heard praying in Ewe that “may the gods come and drive away this evil sickness and forgive our sins”. Some also prayed in Twi, Gã and other local languages.

In related news, Aflao Traditional Council also yesterday sacrificed a goat to their gods to help prevent this deadly virus from entering their zone.