Photos: 5 At Once After Years Of Childlessness

Couples couldn’t be happier after receiving news quintuplets  after so many years of marriage.

Hannah and Jacob Merton got married as teens in 2017 with the burning desire to be parents, but had to wait longer than expected.

Jacob and Hannah got married at age 19 and 18 respectively as Hannah always pray to become a mother of twins one day.

Jacob and Hannah after just after marriage in 2017

According to news5cleveland the couples wanted a very big family but life was treating them the uglier way.

Though there were disappointments after every one, the young couples didn’t lose hope they kept trying and seeking medical interventions.

‘...“We tried expanding our family for a year and it just was not happening for us,” the mum-to-be said”

Things changed in October 2019 after one  medical advice where  a doctor recommended Letrozole , a fertility treatment drug for Hannah. They got pregnant, or better still ‘fivenant’

Pregnant Hannah

They were initial told to be expecting twins, a dream come true for Hannah, but the blessings doubled +1 as ultrasound scan show 3 more babies.

Hannah revealed it was a surreal moment that nearly pass her out and the sonographer had to sit down and polish how to break the news to them.

Couples celebrate their unborn quintuplets

‘..“She kept looking and she was measuring and counting and re-counting and finally after it was over, she had to pull up a chair because she was so shocked,” the beautiful ‘mom’ narrated”

They are expecting two boys and three girls by June this year.