Meet Philip Dlamini, A Man A Degree In Law At 69

A trending photos of a 69 years old degree in law holder is one that must tell you that nothing stops a real dreamer, not even an old age.

Philip Dmlamini is a pensioner who is expected to be resting from the hustles from his youthful age however, he has decided to pursue his life-long dream of becoming a lawyer.

Philip Dhlamini just proved that you are never too old to follow your dreams. The 69-year-old former soldier recently graduated at the University of Limpopo (UL) with a LLB degree.

He knew his age would be a topic of discussion but Dhlamini did not plan on anything getting in his way of becoming a lawyer. The pensioner revealed he got along with young people so attending classes with students much younger than him was not a problem.


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