Pampers Rapper Reveals Reasons Of Wearing Pampers.

Rapper who wears pampers reveals the cause of his look and why he always wear pampers everywhere he goes on Vibes In 5 show with Arnold

His stage name is Bra Bofour from Awoshie and he is the only artist in Awoshie whose shows never flopped. Anytime he plays shows clubs houses, the house must be full to capacity.

The rapper’s story was rather pathetic than funny as you think. He was not born with the disability but he fell from his mom’s back when he was just 6 months old baby.

According to rapper Bra Bofour, the disability has hindered him from a lot of things including respect, proper attention and even education as family believes he will not become anything better even if money is spent on him like the other kids.

He revealed that from when he realised that the disability is what he is going to live with the rest of his life, lovers got lost in his family.

He also said the pampers he wears is to prevent him from stressing always to urinate as he sometimes urinate in his pampers and also ‘shit’ in it at times.

Bra Bafour claimed apart from his musical talent, God has given the talent of having good sex and that made him ponked one lady to ‘coma’.

This is a short video of his performance

He warned Pataapa and Shatta Bundle to be aware , a new king is coming

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