3Ghc For 9Gigs: Vodafone Ghana Updates Midnight Data Bundle

3Ghc For 9Gigs: Vodafone Ghana Updates Midnight Data Bundle: Vodafone Ghana has updated its browsing data offer for midnight users as compared to what it used to be. The new update sees users have a whooping 9gigabytes and 6gigabytes non-expiry data bundle with just 3Ghc and 2Ghc respectively.

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Before this update, if users can recall, the offers use to be fewer and you have between the hours of 12:00 AM midnight to 04:00 AM at dawn to enjoy this data bundle. The good news is the timeframe has been extended to 05:00 AM.

Why Vodafone Ghana Updates Midnight Data Bundle?

Some users say it was long overdue. I concur. We expected the telco company to do this for a long time. This is because their main competitor in the market – MTN, has a better plan in the time frame of using their midnight bundle. And this has raised calls and questions over the years among users

It is therefore worth noting that Vodafone Ghana has listened to the calls by users for time extension when it comes to the use of the midnight bundle and has extended it.

How To Buy New Vodafone Midnight Data Bundle.

To buy the newly updated Vodafone Ghana midnight data bundle, dial *700#.

  1. Dial *700#
  2. Followed by selecting option 1- Buy Data
  3. Then select option 7 – Night Bundles
  4. Select the amount of data you want to purchase, and pay with either airtime or Vodafone Cash [ paying with Vodafone cash gives you a 200% bonus]. And that is it, you have successfully enrolled on the new Vodafone Ghana Midnight Data Bundle that gives you more time to surf the internet.

Note: The initial SMS broadcast Vodafone Ghana sent to users has misleading steps in buying their newly updated midnight bundle. In the screenshot below, you will see the steps as *700# followed by option #1 and then, #8. However, following that procedure lands you on Bossu Data which is not a midnight data bundle. Though it was. 

3Ghc For 9Gigs: Vodafone Ghana Updates Midnight Data Bundle

Hence this article here serves you with the best explanation and steps or procedures to buy and enjoy the new Vodafone Midnight data bundle that lasts to 05:00 AM with no expiry date.


1. Will they deduct the daytime data bundle during the night when it is at night? Yes, if you haven’t purchased the midnight bundle, but if you do, your daytime bundle will not be deducted. What l personally do is to OFF and ON my data connectivity as soon it’s midnight so it will automatically switch to the midnight bundle.

However, to avoid any disappointment, many users l have heard of having separate SIM cards for their daytime data bundle and the midnight data bundle.

2. Has the Night King Bundle code changed? No, it hasn’t changed but the procedures have. It is no more at option #8 [ last step] but now moved up to option #7. And the name has changed too, it is now Night Bundles. I can’t tell if it is the same for every user but these are the changes I am seeing.

3. Can I use this bundle during the day? No, you can’t. There is no way you can use it.