Old Lady Tortured For Allegedly Being A Witch.

In the Sawla District of the Savanna Region, two Jintilpe village men has been put behind bars for torturingĀ  a woman in her 70s after accusing her of being a witch.

Sources revealed that, Police men who went to save the old lady’s life from the angry youths had to battle stones thrown at them, leaving their vehicle glasses mashed up.

It was indicated that, the torture followed a revelation made by another young lady who was ‘taken over by the spirit’ of a dead man to mention his killer’s name.

The irate Jintilpe village men used needles and other sharp piercing objects to pierce the old lady’s hand so as to make her confess.

The police intercession which was made after the old lady’s family reported to the police, was meant for a mass arrest, however most villagers fled to the nearby bushes after engaging the police in a ‘stone battle’.