My Ex Dump Me Saying I Will Never Marry – Lady Who Weds A Year After Separation From

Nigerian lady took to Facebook to shade her ex-lover who dumped her saying no man can marry her after a successful wedding after a year.

According to the lady named Peace Orok, she married on 20th and 21st of December 2019, barely a year after her ex lover told her that she can never get marry.

Sharing her love testimony with pics of her new found love, she wrote:

‘…I posted this earlier but i couldn’t find it here, my ex wrote me off that no man can marry me but within 1 year of our separation, the God that needs, no man to be who He is, proved him wrong; and my series of Amen were not in vain; 20th and 21st Dec 2019 would always linger in my memory. To all the expectant ladies in this group don’t give up your miracle is by the corner in Jesus name Amen.