Most Record Labels Don’t Understand The Music Business – Jessy Gh.

Fast rising budded singer, rapper and songwriter Jessy Gh reveals why he is not signed to any record label despite his massive impact in the industry as a young talent.

A lot of people have come up with a team to form record labels. Most of them lack the financial capacity and therefore finds it difficult to finance artiste when they sign them – he reveals

In an interview with Jessy Gh on “Letz vibe” with Tinalove, he expressed the reason why he probably hasn’t been signed yet to any record label. Jessy is an independent artiste working hard to breakthrough.

Jessy Gh
Jessy Gh

According to “My Lady” hitmaker, most record labels don’t have the music business acumen but rather come in for their selfish gains and afterward leave you stranded if you are not smart enough.

Jessy Gh
Known for being vocal and confident, the raper has never lost a beef and has stated on many occasions he isn’t afraid of anyone.

Jessy is also a versatile artist who can switch anytime. His admiration for Edem and Sarkodie is not anything to hide looking at their journey some 15years ago.

His latest banger proves his versatility. Listen to ‘My Lady’ by Jessy Gh here


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