20 Medicinal Benefits Of Coconut Husks And Shell

Coconut coir or coconut husk is the natural fibre extracted from the outer and the middle layer of the coconut. It is mostly used for doormats, brushes, and mattresses in Africa but it possesses some great medical values.

The coconut coir or coconut husk is an old age cure for several ailments back in the stone age and still can be used to cure those. Some of the diseases are:

1. High Blood Pressure

2. Kidney Stones

3. Kidney Gonorrhoea

4. Chronic candidiasis

5. Syphilis

6. Asthma

7. Severe Stomach Pain not sure if it is an ulcer

8. High cholesterol

9. Mildness

8. Boil

9. Heart pains

10. Menstrual crumps or pains

11. Waist pains

12. Blood flow when passing stool

13. Jaundice

14. Diabetes

15. Enhance retentive memory

16. Hair loss

How To Use Coconut Husks For Medicine

If you are suffering from any of these sicknesses, all you will need to do is to boil a cup of water, tear a handful of the coconut husk or coir, add it to the boiled water, and allow it to cook for 20 – 30 minutes. And then, you can be drinking it 3 times daily.

Or you can chew the coir ( if the coconut is fresh ) and swallow the nap (  water ) and throw the chaff away. A normal teacup is good for the measurement of drinking it.  Thanks.

Other Medicinal Benefits Of Coconut Husks [ Fibre ]

The coconut husk and its shell have tonnes of benefits for humans and our natural environment. Most people don’t know about this because people are just afraid to try new things until found them verified by the big blogs or pharmaceutical companies. So l will tell about this with proofs as in the people who discovered them so you can check them out.

So, let us look at the benefits you can derive from coconut shells.

Uses Of Coconut Shell.

1. It can be used as raw material for activated charcoal. And the ash from the burnt shell is an active ingredient in cosmetic skin care.

2. You can also use half coconut shell for flower or plant pot, candles holder, bowl, ladles even plate for food when well polished.

3. You can also get creative with the shells, and transform them into beads and or jewellery for yourself or dash.

More Uses Coconut Husk

1. They are used as a planting medium that helps plants retain moisture and resist fungal growth.

2. It is used for mattresses and floor tiles.

3. Some people chew the husk in place of chewing sticks. And according to an old boy, it must teeth stronger as well as your gum and also remove bad breath.

4. In some villages, the husk is burnt in the evening to shoo away mosquitoes during ‘at the fire side’ sessions. It does produce undesirable smoke or fumes

This article is based on research and doctoral education. We will be glad to receive any add-up, testimony or exclusion.