Thursday, March 23, 2023
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Life Story: From Watchman To Oil & Gas CEO.

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Young man narrates his journey of working as a night watchman on a vessel to owning a top oil & and gas company.

Identified as AD Patrickson, the young CEO revealed that nothing beats passion and hard work with total commitment.

He said his passion and dream forced him to better his academics despite the hardship he was enduring then.

Never to be tagged as selfish , Patrickson revealed that he contributed to the development of his country Cameroun in pursuit of his dream.

His commitment has paid and he is the CEO of Source Rock, the first local Cameroonian company that deals in natural gas facility without any expert help.

In his final words, he encourage every dreamer to be like him if they really want to achieve what they hustle and work for. Give all you have in working towards your dream.

On the left as night watchman and on the right as a CEO
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