King Saud University Scholarship 2023/2024

The King Saud University scholarship for international students is open and inviting applicants till December. King Saud University accepts a limited number of international students, hence you have to start early to stand a chance. In this article, I will take you through what it takes, the steps, and the benefits of the King Saud university scholarship.

About King Saud University

The KSU is the first University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, aimed at pioneering development in the knowledge society. It has a list of strategic objectives, which are: Creativity and innovation in scientific research, proficiency in academic programs and their output, contribution to community service, and improving the quality of life, etc.

Government Of Saudi Arabia Scholarships 2023/2024

King Saud University is focused on higher quality education, research, and entrepreneurship in order to prepare graduates for a brighter future with suitable and well-defined career goals.

King Saud University Scholarships

King Saud University has various scholarship benefits or rewards for graduate and undergraduate candidates. The scholarship awards a stipend to every KSU candidate regardless of gender, nationality, and study level [graduate or undergraduate] who meets the stipend requirement, the Excellence Rewards based on academic success for thriving Saudi and international undergraduate students, and also the Book and Reference allowance for graduate students.

Stipend Requirements And Dispersing Policy At KSU

1. Paid to all Saudi graduate and undergraduate students, international scholarship students, and students with Saudi mothers.

2. These stipends are paid regularly during all original periods, i.e, the scheduled program period for graduation according to the study plan approved by the University Board.

3. Stipends are not paid for summer sessions unless the student joins the University during it or studies the second semester preceding the summer sessions.

4. Stipends will not be paid to students who drop out or withdraw from or postpone the semester.

5. Stipends will not be paid to students whose GPAs are below 2.0.

6. Students of KSU are not eligible for stipends if they get approval from the deanship to study as a visitor at another University until their exam results are received and entered into the academic system.

7. SR10 is deducted monthly from Student Fund.

8. And finally, if a student fails to withdraw his paid stipend within 3 months, the money will be transferred to the Student Fund.

Note: The stipend amount is (SR 1000) for scientific studies students,(SR 850) for social studies and humanities students, and (SR900) for graduate studies students.

Excellence Rewards Requirements And Entitlement At At KSU

1. This reward of RS1000 is paid to regular students who get a GPA rating of 4.50 in two consecutive semesters in the same academic year in accordance with the following equation: [number of points of the first semester + number of points of the second semester] / [ number of credit units for the first semester + number of credit units of the second semester]

2. It is paid when a student gets a semester rating of 4.50 and has: i. withdrawn from the semester in the same academic year.
ii. deferred a semester in the same academic year.
iii. a semester rating of zero [ 0] due to entering the rating [ P] next to the paused course.
iv. joined the University in the second semester
v. It is paid when a student gets a semester rating of 4.50 in two consecutive semesters in the same academic year.

3. It is paid to graduate students if they get an excellent semester rating of 4.50 in the first semester.

4. Students who have a course marked as pending or incomplete.

5. It is not paid if a student gets an excellent semester rating of 4.50 with an average semester average of [0] as a result of having a course rated as failed.

Book And Reference Allowance For Graduate Students

1. Graduate students are paid SR900 as books and reference allowance for each academic year, SR3000 printing allowance for a Master’s thesis, and SR4000 for the Ph.D. dissertation.

2. The book and reference allowance is deposited in the student’s account (non-employee) if his/her student number begins with 430 and above. Conditionally, he/she has registration and grades entered in the same semester. However, the student can receive the allowance from the accountant in his/her college if his student’s number begins with 429 and below.

As for the graduate student who is employed at King Saud University, he/she can receive an allowance from the Deanship of Personnel.

3. The Master’s thesis and Ph.D. dissertation printing allowance is deposited in the student’s account (non-employee) after a grade is entered for him/her in the same graduation semester provided that his status on the academic system is graduated. As for the graduate student who is employed at the University of King Saud, he/she can receive a printing allowance for the above-mentioned printing allowance from the Deanship of Personnel.

Description Of King Saud University Scholarship

Scholarship Type: Fully Funded and merit-based
Scholarship Study Level: Undergraduate And Postgraduate
Duration: Per program
Host Institution: Kin Saud University
Host Country: Saudi Arabia

Eligibility Requirements For King Saud University Scholarship

1. Must have a high school diploma or equivalent from a verified institution.

2. Must not be on any other educational sponsorship program or scholarship in Saudi Arabia.

3. Officially authenticated certificates and identity papers from the applicant’s country authorities and the Saudi Cultural authentication.

4. Have not studied in a similar program in Saudi Arabia

4. Medically fit at the time of application to the University scholarship.

5. Must not be above 25 years.

6. Female applicants must be with a Mahram [ close relative ] according to the rules in Saudi Arabia or also apply for the scholarship.

7. Both genders from all countries across the world that meet the criteria can apply.

Benefits Of the King Saud University Scholarship

1. There is a monthly stipend. These stipend as listed above per study program is deposited into the student bank account monthly. This is the same as the monthly reward for Saudi Arabia national students.

2. There is also an excellence reward as listed above for students who perform best. A reward of 1000 Saudi Riyal [ SR1000].

3. Round trip air ticket [ to and fro ] at the end of every academic year. From students’ home country to Saudi Arabia until completion.

4. Living in the University dormitory free of charge

5. Free health care to all students at all the University’s hospitals.

6. Reduction in the value of student’s books weight at the end of his study o Saudi Arabian Airlines.

Documentations For King Saud University Scholarship

  • Application Form
  • International Passport
  • Original copies of academic transcripts
  • Recommendation letters
  • A color copy of the original high school certificate

You must ratify or make sure all these documents are authenticated by the following authorities in your country where the high school certificate was issued or approved by another entity or subordinate.

  • Ministry Of Education
  • Ministry Of Foreign Affairs

How To Apply For King Saud University Scholarship

With the deadline for the KSU scholarship slated on 31st December this year with limited vacancies for international students, head to the registration portal and click on new registration to begin your process.

Note: To avoid any complication leading to the rejection of your application, all documents submitted should be free of any scrapping, alteration, or modification in their data, and the name of the applicant or the owner must be the same as those in the previous study documents and passport.

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