Jobs in education Alberta Canada provinces that pays $200,000+


Jobs in education Alberta Canada provinces that pays $200,000+

Jobs in education Alberta Canada provinces that pays $200,000+ More than ever, people are putting the level of stress and quality of life on the scale when defining their professional paths. According to AO.NET, a data network funded by the US Department of Labor — even has a scale to measure the relationship between jobs and stress. It’s the O.NET stress tolerance ratings, where the fewer points a job has, the better for the worker. Find out here about five professions with an annual salary above CAD $200,000, good demand and low level of restlessness. Jobs in education Alberta Canada provinces that pays $200,000+

Business Intelligence Analyst

There’s definitely no shortage of vacancies here! The background needs to be in IT, business, mathematics or statistics, and there is a requirement for good levels of knowledge of Tableau, R, SQL, Python, Oracle and similar. In addition, several colleges offer diplomas and workshops that work as a kind of postgraduate degree.

The role of the professional in the area is to use data to help identify trends, opportunities and potential problems, thus creating the possibility of greater productivity, efficiency and profit for companies. The salary starts at around CAD$63,000 and goes up to CAD$200,000, with the stress coefficient standing at 63 points.

Water Engineer

There is already a higher education course in water engineering, but in Canada, although there is even an association of hydrologists, the profession is exercised by people who take courses with components in the field and then specialize through a master’s degree.

The professional in the area is on the rise and deals with the management of rain, lakes, rivers, artesian wells, groundwater, floods, conservation of water resources and promotion of the sustainable use of this natural resource. The job stress rating is 62 points with salary ranging from CAD $72,000 to CAD $127,000 per year.

Precision agriculture technician

Here the mission is to provide technical support to farmers so that they can use data and technology to make the best possible use of their land. The profession appears in English with several names: precision agriculture technician, crop specialist, independent crop consultant, precision agriculture specialist or precision ag specialist and even precision farming coordinator, and requires training in IT or agronomy or agribusiness, and it may still be a good idea if certify as crop advisor.

Those who work in this sector deal with pest control, pesticide application, crop mapping, irrigation, soil management, fertilization and topographic and meteorological analysis in a service that scores 63 points on the North American stress table and has an annual salary in Canada in the range of CAD $73,000 to CAD $128,000, in addition to a very positive demand depending on the province.


The statistician’s job is to gather, analyze and interpret data, applying their conclusions to help solve problems in areas such as engineering, health, sociology and business. Vacancies arise at universities, at the three levels of government, at financial institutions, insurance companies and private consulting firms, for example.

To work in this sector in Canada, you need a degree in statistics or mathematics and, in the case of positions involving risk assessment and management, training as an actuary. When looking for a job, vacancies may appear under the title of statistical analyst, bio-statistician, demographer, insurance or consulting actuary and, of course, mathematician or statistician

There is good demand across the country for skilled personnel, with salaries ranging from CAD $88,000 to a whopping CAD $259,000. And as if that wasn’t enough, the score in the stress ranking is 64 points.


A boilermaker or boilermaker is someone who manufactures, installs, tests and maintains boilers, closed tanks, towers, heat ex changers, ships and other heavy metal structures. It is a regulated profession that those interested and interested — that’s right: they have special programs to encourage women to enter the metiê — access by taking a college course that lasts between four and five years.

This training takes place on an apprenticeship basis, that is, the student spends about a quarter of the hours learning in practice under the supervision of an experienced boilermaker and earning up to CAD $55 per hour.

With 48 points on the O*NET table, high demand for staff and annual salary starting at CAD $90,000 and reaching CAD $180,000, being a boilermaker is a champion profession in this equation of low stress and high earnings in Canada.