Jim Ovia Foundation Leaders Scholarship At Ashesi College In Ghana 2022/2023

The Jim Ovia Foundation leaders scholarship is open for applications [ from October to December] for Africans as a need-based scholarship aimed at investing in African youths’ untapped and unlimited potential which is key to socio-economic growth to improve the standard and efficiency.

The Jim Ovia Foundation Leaders Scholarship fund is a partnership between Jim Ovia on Nigeria and the African America Institute supported by a $ 2 million pledge by Mr. Jim Ovia, Founder and Chairman of Jim Ovia Foundation. The initiative is executed by partner universities all over Africa.

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Description Of Jim Ovia Foundation Leaders Scholarship

Study/Scholarship Level Undergraduate
Scholarship Type Need-based
Duration Depends on the selected program
Worth 150,000 Naira annually
Number of awards 100 annually


Benefits Of Jim Ovia Foundation Leaders Scholarship

Comprehensive Scholarship: The JOFLS provides tuition, board ad room for successful undergraduate applicants at Ashesi University.

Career Support And Opportunities: During their studying years and after graduation, scholarship recipients will receive counseling and support in setting their career paths.

AAI Global Alumni Network: The Jim Ovia Foundation has an alumni network that waits for every scholarship recipient. This help build networks and birth opportunities, mentorship, and avenues to collectively develop the continent. This alumni network includes two African sitting presidents and prominent leaders in many sectors in Africa and across the globe.

Eligibility Criteria Jim Ovia Foundation Leaders Scholarship

1. Must be African residing in Africa

2. Strong academic records and tend to excel in higher education.

3. Have poor social/financial background.

4. Must actively participate and show interest in community development and youth leadership. This must be supported with proof.

How To Apply for Jim Ovia Foundation Leaders Scholarship At Ashesi College

Jim Ovia Foundation Leaders Scholarship At Ashesi College In Ghana 2022/2023

Interested candidates must apply through the application portal. Visit the application portal and submit all the required documents listed below all through the application portal. The Jim Ovia Foundation does not accept applications through the mail or in person. Everything must be submitted online.

Documents Needed For The JOFLS

1. Complete the online application via the link above and add

2. Scanned copies of original national ID [ International Passport, Voters ID, National ID]

3. A scanned copy of an original letter of recommendation by a tutor or teacher of your former school citing the following: Full Name, Course Title, Department Of studies, CGPA, Gender, Matriculation Number, Original Secondary School Certificate [ WAEC or NECO], Valid student ID of your host institution and a passport photograph.

If you are a newly matriculated who is yet to receive a matriculation number or Student ID, you must a provisional admission letter to your institution of study.


What is the difference between the Jim Ovia Foundation Leaders Scholarship and MUSTEE scholarship? The difference is MUSTEE scholarship is only available in Nigeria, for Nigerians only while the Jim Ovia Foundation Leaders scholarship is open to Africans living in Africa in their countries through partnering universities.

When is the deadline for Jim Ovia Foundation Scholarship? Every year, the online application opens from October to December. Note: This is subject to review and change. Keep eyes on the Jim Ovia Foundation website. 

Once applied for all? No. A Jim Ovia Scholarship beneficiary will have to reapply annually by filling out the Returning Applicants Form supported with documents reflecting continued enrolment at the host institutions, satisfactory grade point average, and identification documents. The scholarship board will then proceed to review and re-verify your status with your school along with other supporting documents in order to re-award you the scholarship.

Renewing Applicant’s documentation:
a) Completed online application

b) Valid Government ID (e.g. International passport, Voter’s Card, National ID, or Driver’s License)

Please note that a certificate of origin or birth certificate will not be accepted as a valid form of ID. The only exception will be for minors below the age of 18 years who are unable to apply for a government ID. In this case, a birth certificate will be accepted in lieu of a government ID for such minors.

c) An official original letter (not photocopied) letter from your school/Head of Department stating the following:

  1. Your full name
  2. Course Title
  3. Department of Study
  4. CGPA
  5. Gender
  6. Matriculation number
    d) A valid student ID for your host institution (University/College)

e) A passport photograph

f) The most recent CGPA result slip (signed and stamped by the HOD or from the ICT center).

There you have full info about the application and re-application for the Jim Ovia Leaders scholarship for new and returning applicants. We urge you to visit the scholarship website for some info such as the application deadline being liable to change.  Check out more fully funded undergraduate scholarships here Top 15 Fully-Funded Undergraduate Scholarships For African Students 2022-2023