Apply Now! Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship 2022/2023

Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship In Germany: The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung scholarship program is open to yet another 40 international students from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe, this is in exception of more than 2,700 students that will benefit from the FES [ Friedrich Ebert Stiftung ] grants in German universities.

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The FES scholarship program in Germany applies to those who want to pursue their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees studies in Germany.

About The Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship

At the time Friedrich Ebert Stiftung was appointed president and leader of the Weimar Republic [ now German Government ] in 1919, there was no easy way for brilliant and talented kids from socially disadvantaged backgrounds to study at universities or participate in research programs.

To rectify this, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung founded the scholarship program of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung aimed at promoting young talents in the year 1925.

The first batch of scholarships was awarded to particularly young people from a working-class milieu who were taking an active part in the young democracy of the Weimar Republic, now Germany. Addressing social disadvantages by supporting students and young learners active in their commitment to social democracy remains and will remain of the main aims of the FES scholarship program.

Benefits Of Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship

International scholarship holders will enjoy the benefits of:

1. 650€ per month for the basic scholarship program and 1000€ per month for the graduate scholarship program.

2. 276€ family allowance, if applicable.

3. There will be a refund of health care costs for successful candidates

Note: If you are having an income of over 400€ per month, it will be credited against the scholarship. 

Expectations from successful international candidates include:

1. must participate regularly in activities of FES campus groups and extracurricular seminars

2. Must achieve above-average results on their degree courses.

3. Must continue and intensify their socio-political involvement.

Note: At the end of every term, a semester report has to be submitted to FES describing the scholarship holder’s current academic performance and social engagement. 

Description Of Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship

Scholarship Type Merit-based
Organization FES – Friedrich Ebert Stiftung
Worth Varies
International Students Yes
Level Of Studies Undergraduate and Postgraduate
Duration Depends on the program chosen


Eligibility Criteria | Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship

1. From eligible zones, which are Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe.

2. Most be socially and politically concerned and involved

3. Must be pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate program in a German University.

4. The FES supports all academic subjects.

However, note, that the FES does not support or is not available for second-degree courses, study visits outside Germany, final phases of academic studies, postgraduate courses in medicine

How To Apply | Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship

You are to fill out the application form online [ this is the application portal link ]. International students must be enrolled in any German university at the time of application and must be able to submit proof of their initial academic achievements/grades except for those enrolled in masters or other postgraduate programs.

Applications must be submitted before:

  • Diploma / Magister / State Examination: by the end of the 6th semester
  • Undergraduate Programs: On completion of 3 semesters
    1. if 6 semesters: the end of the 3rd semester
    2. If 7 semesters: the end of the 4th semester.
  • Postgraduate programs: On the completion of the 1st semester.

Note: International students will receive an extensive social and political side program, hence German language proficiency is crucial even when the study program is carried out in English. You are required to submit a German language proficiency certificate.

The application duration takes 4 to 7 months which ends on the deadline date of 31st October 2022.
Mode Of Application: Self Application.

Applications will be considered based on academic excellence, financial need, and social and political involvement. The selected candidates will be going through two different phases of the interview.

  • First Interview: Taken by one of the FES lecturers
  • Second Interview: Taken by one of the members of the  FES Scholarship Committee.

Two distinct reports from the two interviews will be generated and handed over to the AWA. The final decision will be taken by the AWA. The AWA is an independent body comprising university lecturers and people from fields of science, politics, art, and media. Recipients will be notified by AWA and grants will be provided to them.

For more information on the FES Foundation scholarship that is not provided in this article, you can write to the FES scholarship committee here or visit the scholarship website. While you make more detailed inquiries, there are also more undergraduate fully funded scholarships you can apply to, you don’t know which will select you. Top 15 Fully-Funded Undergraduate Scholarships For African Students 2022-2023