Sanctuary Scholarship For Undergraduate Students At Newman University 2022

Apply for this sanctuary scholarship for undergraduate students now as they have added two more undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships each to their list of Sanctuary scholarships for people seeking asylum in the UK. Anybody forced out of his country can apply for this scholarship at Newman University.

Benefits Of Sanctuary Scholarship At Newman University

Sanctuary Scholarship For Undergraduate Students At Newman University 2022

1. A Tuition Waiver – This waiver is available until you are awarded status that you are entitled to access statutory student support.

2. Study And Travel Support –  £1200 bursary to assist with study and travel expenses per year, paid in installments [ one per semester ]. This is not usually paid for repeated years of study.

3. Personal Support And Advice: This benefit of the Sanctuary scholarship at Newman University helps asylum seekers to overcome any psychological and emotional stress that comes with fleeing one home. It helps to identify and overcome potential barriers to the achievement of their degree course.

4. Accommodation fee for those living far away from the University.

Sanctuary Scholarship Eligibility Criteria.

1. A forced migrant or a dependent of an asylum seeker.

2. Asylum seeker who has been granted Discretionary Leave to remain or any form of temporary status. Note: The temporary stay status duration must cover the duration of your intended study period.

3. Already have a conditional or unconditional offer of a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate place to study at Newman University – apply for your course first.

4. Having applied for asylum in the UK before applying directly to Newman University or UCAS 

5. Currently in college, school, or a voluntary group that can be used as a reference in support of your application. You can contact Newman University if you can not provide this.

6. Unable to access any support finance due to your status as an asylum seeker.

Application Process: Sanctuary Scholarship For Undergraduate Students At Newman University 2023

Before you apply for the Sanctuary scholarship through UCAS or directly to Newman University, make sure you have made an application and received an offer for a place in the University on 1. a 3-year full-time undergraduate degree program or 2. a 4-year full-time undergraduate degree program which starts with a foundation year or 3. a one-year full-time postgraduate degree program [ Ukrainians only ].

Checklist For Scholarships Applicants: 10 Things To Do To Stand A Chance.

Go through the Sanctuary scholarship for undergraduate students’ application guidance form here and know what to do and what not to do.

After that, fill out the application form here and send the completed application form with other supporting documents requested to the Welfare Adviser at Alternatively, you can post your application to Tammy Oyekanmi, Student Support, Dwyer Building, Newman University, Genners Lane, Bartley Breen, Birmingham B32 3NT.

Note: When applying to this scholarship as spouses/civil partners, you must have been spouses on the date on which the asylum application was made. Children must be under 18 on the date the asylum application was made. This list of fully-funded undergraduate scholarships for African students for your consideration continues.