One way or the other, everyone has experience broken heart or disappointment at someone after building a huge trust with the person.

However, as Valentine Day ( supposed lovers day) approaches , we listed a few points from some people who have had such disappointments or broken heart in their partners, perhaps it could be an alert on your heart gates this love season.

  • Sexting and physical love making is necessary but emotional attachment is the thing if you want your relationships to go far.
  • The person who is more attached or deeper in love will always suffer during and even after break up.
  • When your baby made up her mind to leave you, whatever you do, she will leave ( don’t kill yourself)
  • They will number some lame reasons for the breakup ( again, don’t kill yourself)
  • If you love with all your heart, that is when they will leave ( don’t overlove, behave clingy)
  • With time infatuation fades, only true love stays for your ex and there are higher chances that your baby was just infatuated over you but not in love.
  • When you keep your self respect down in a relationship, you will be taken for granted.
  • Relationships that work are those with equality , maturity and constant communication about problems from both sides ( childishness works only on high school love)
  • Don’t let your partner control ( you will regret it)
  • Don’t complain about a break up after 4,8 12 months. Relationships can still fail after marriage ( 30 years +)
  • Love might happen twice but what you felt for your first love, you will never feel for anyone.
  • That person you first cried for at night may never stay.( trust me)
  • If you couldn’t get successful and financially stable enough before your sweetheart’s marriage age, she will leave you ( bitter truth).
  • Your looks and appearance still matter even after landing your sweet heart.
  • Nothing can heal the pains of breaking up, only time can heal you. ( Time will make you get used to living with it)
  • You can’t be friends with someone you really love after break up ( only few can endure their true loves being around them as friends)

Keep these mind before going all out in love when you are not set to keep your lover and protect him or her.


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