Mother Dumps Her Day-old Baby Into Soakaway.

The ogun State Police Division has apprehended a 30 year old woman, a mother of 6 for dumping her a-day-old baby into soakaway pit.

Risikat Olabintan was arrested after some kids reported a cry of a baby in the soakaway pit to the elderly people who forwarded the report to the police in the Ibukun Oluwapo Community in Ishagbo Nigeria.

Upon arrest and questioning, the woman confessed commiting the crime and revealed that she no means of feeding her 6 other children.

The distressed woman revealed that her husband and father of all the kids has run away to unknown destination with no plans of coming back soon.

D.P.O SP Olabisi took a team of policemen with him to where the baby is upon receiving the information and with the help of other community members, they rescued the dying baby from the soakaway pit

Later diggings into the issue revealed that Risikat gave birth to the boy around 5 am in the morning and did the inhuman act.

According to sources, Risikat and her baby have been taken to the hospital for medical attention.