Best Canadian cities for African immigrants

Best Canadian cities for African immigrants

Best Canadian cities for African immigrants Living in Canada is the dream of many Africans, either because of the beautiful landscapes or because of the well-being that the country provides. Discover, in this article, the best Canadian cities for African immigrants.

Canada is a multicultural country that encourages the arrival of immigrants to work and study through various legal processes. Canada has stood out in the preference of African immigrants and from all over the world.

In addition to safety and quality of life, it has an education system recognized worldwide and job offers in specific areas. That is, everything anyone needs for a promising life.

If you are an African, and you want to know more about what it’s like to live in Canada or it’s best cities? Continue reading this post to find out all the necessary information and better plan your move to the country!

Find out about living in Canada

Canada is a country that, together with the United States, Mexico and Greenland, makes up the subcontinent of North America. It has attracted the attention of Africans for being a developed country with excellent infrastructure and quality of life.

In addition, it is the second largest in the world in terms of total area, second only to Russia. The Canadian territory shares borders to the south with the United States and to the northwest with Alaska.

Canada’s population density is among the lowest in the world, at just 3.8 people per square kilometer. The country is also going through a situation similar to that of many developed countries. Over there, there is a demographic change towards an older population and fewer people of working age.

Another point that stands out is the natural beauties of the country. It has an extensive coastline, distinct forest regions and a vast geography and relief. Temperatures also vary by region.

Among the most popular cities are Toronto, Calgary, Winnipeg and the capital Ottawa. The first is one of the most chosen by those who want to live in Canada.

Best Canadian cities for African immigrants

The list of best cities to live in could be immense, as you will have a good quality of life anywhere in the country. However, it is a fact that some offer more benefits than others. So, check out the list of the best cities for African immigrants in Canada:


The country’s largest financial and urban center, there’s a lot to say about Toronto. Busy and with almost three million inhabitants, the city has large population areas and very multicultural neighborhoods, which include Greeks, Italians and Koreans, in addition to the second largest Chinatown in North America.

With many benefits in terms of diversity, Toronto also offers good job opportunities and educational advantages for immigrants . There are some of the best universities in the world, including the University of Toronto (UofT), the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD), Ryerson University and York University, among others.

Attractions such as the Toronto International Film Festival, the very tall CN Tower and the presence of great sports teams such as the Blue Jays, Toronto Maple Leafs and the NBA Raptors winners are another great highlight of the city. In addition, the city has all the urban refinements of a large metropolis, with museums, great options for those who want to shop and have fun.


Vancouver is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the country. With mountains to the north, the Pacific Ocean to the west and the huge Stanley Park right in the center of the city, its landscapes are truly breathtaking and one of the main attractions for those who choose to immigrate to Canada.

Surrounded by sea and mountains, the city center offers spectacular views and its infrastructure brings a huge advantage to its residents, allowing them to live and work in the urban center – unlike some large cities around the world, where the center is made to work and the suburbs to live.

In addition, many of Vancouver’s neighborhoods are easily accessible on foot and there are great dining, shopping and leisure options on the go. The city is also less than three hours from Seattle, USA, and has an exceptional public transport system that can take visitors from Vancouver International Airport to the city center in about twenty minutes.


Victoria is a charming port city recognized as the gateway to all of Vancouver Island’s wonderful towns, coves and Pacific Ocean landscapes. Not by chance, it is considered a paradise for nature lovers.

Founded in 1843, the city was established as a commercial port and the target of a fierce dispute between the British crown and a mining company. From that time, a very well-preserved architecture remains in its landscape, with buildings from the 19th century that refer to the Victorian style.

Another inheritance from its foundation is the presence and receptivity to immigrants, who were part of the construction of the city and still today represent approximately 14% of its population, making it an excellent destination for Africans thinking of moving to Canada


Until the 1970s, Montreal was considered Canada’s economic center and therefore still carries many important landmarks from the country’s history in its urban landscape, including 50 national historic sites and many listed buildings.

But nowadays modernity and history coexist in perfect harmony and proof of this is that technology has become one of the engines of the local economy. Montreal’s startup scene is one of the most effervescent in North America, in addition to having a thriving games industry, a strong investment in virtual reality and a fashion industry with a strong focus on research and innovation.

The province of Quebec, of which the city is part, is also recognized as one of the most open to immigrants, with many visa possibilities for those who dream of living in Canada. Not by chance, there are  many job opportunities offered to students  who choose the city to take a higher education course.

Those who choose Montreal to study a language also benefit from the fact that this is the largest French-speaking city in Canada. Over there, although French is considered the official language, most of its inhabitants also speak English, making this a welcoming destination with a great reputation among newly arrived immigrants to Canada.


Are you thinking of immigrating to Canada? Definitely, Canada is one of the best destinations for Africans thinking of immigrating abroad. There are numerous programs for students, from those aimed at professional improvement to specific programs for those who want to immigrate with their family.

It is worth remembering that anyone who wants to live in Canadian lands must be willing to face a rigorous winter. For some years now, Canada has recruited Africans to study, live or work in the country. However, remember that living in Canada has advantages and disadvantages.