Gone For 3 Years But Feels Like 3 Days – Late Maj. Mahama’s wife.

Late Major Maxwell Mahama, 3 years ago passed away in the hands of an angry mob at Denkyria Obuasi  in a reportedly galamsey induced fight into which he was lured by the assemblyman of the area and his gang.

The army officer got lynched to death by the angry mob who mistook him for an robber on May 30 2017 with sickening videos going viral.

Memories you create with people during your time with them really matters. This is the situation where people die but their loves ones can still feel them around as if it never happened.


Well, in a new post on the late Major’s Instagram page to commemorate 3 years after she lost her husband, Barbara Mahama, the late Major’s wife has in an unfeigned message mourned him.

In her message, she made a statement that showed that his loss had not only affected her but their son as well. Major Mahama’s son Jaden, according to his wife, still holds on to his dad’s promise of returning home from his journey to Denkyira-Obuasi that led to his untimely death.

Barbara Mahama

On her Instagram timeline she wrote …It feels like you ‘ve been gone for just 3 days. Continue to rest well Maxwell. We miss you is an understatement. Jaden still remembers that you told him you were going to come back from that journey #foreverloved #3years #majormahama #cherishedmemories #specialsoul #personalangel #ourhero


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