Easing Restrictions Isn’t For The EC To Compile New Register

Information Minister Kojo Oppong Nkrumah has nullified proposals government’s choice to ease Covid-19 limitations was to permit the Electoral Commission to compile another voter’s register.

As indicated by him, the president’s move isn’t driven by what occurs at the Electoral Commission or the National Identification Authority, yet they are informed by the need to make sure about general well-being and security..

“We are not making these choices on governmental issues,” he worried on JoyNews’ Beyond the Lockdown program.

The Information Minister showed that, in-spite of the way that the President’s local tours and other political exercises have been affected by the pandemic, human lives matter more.

He stressed on that whatever choices taken by the government will be “sponsored by the science and data” and not legislative issues.

The Information Minister expressed that the easing of the restrictions wasn’t conceived out of weight from different stakeholders.

“The President isn’t under any squeeze or pressure,” he declared.

He further clarified that if strict social affairs are permitted to continue the president will demand that houses of worship should work in controlled condition that won’t put their believers in danger.

“The president will walk on fine lines to permit some degree of movement however he is minded to make sure the numbers and condition the houses of worship will work is controlled to guarantee individuals are not put in danger,” he stressed